Warframe How to Hunt! Get Floofs!

Warframe How to Hunt! Get Floofs!

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How to Fish in Fortuna

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  1. try using ivara her first ability is basically an aoe tranq rifle

  2. Thanks dude, I couldn't figure out how to use the damn echo lure lol

  3. The animal icon doesnt show up for me

  4. 2nd channel for good stuff at the end,aye!!

  5. Does weather change whether they show up or not? It said it was freezing and no animals showed up on the map when I was holding my tranq rifle.

  6. you actually can fly on archwing. just deploy it and pick tranq gun again while on arch. you fly + you see marks. can call and tranq from arch too! you're never upwind and they never notice you. i did 12 captures, 0 bad, only good and perfect. but you need to leave arch not too close to tranqed animal, if you slam down with your melee, you'll kill it.   virmints are so nice right? i saw them in a cage in spaceport first and took tons of screenshots without knowing who they are (it was before i tried hunting). my fav so far are the boy who "licks things" and the girl who "likes to be carried". wish we could take one home.

  7. You can actually use powers while you're holding things like tranq pistol or fishing spear. If you bound a button that for "use selected power".

  8. Thank you. This wasn't intuitive in game to figure out.

  9. You can put a marker on the hunting spot by holding M and then right clicking on the spot.

  10. If you do this in a group with people hunting on different sides of the map. Does the capture count for everyone in the group? Does everyone get tags?

  11. One minor tip I could add is to start your initial call with the echo-lure at the very bottom or the top of the slider. Not sure if this is what actually happened, but one time when I did the first call, the animal appeared immediately in front of me. The possibility as to why this happened may be because I was able to, by accident, perfectly mimic the animal's return response, prompting the next stage in advance. Could be just another bug, but it is possible, so be aware.

  12. While you make first call try to use it when your sound indicator is purple

  13. i find the calling to be very inconsistant, it almost always broken in someway

  14. Hey bro i found really nice of you to talk about the animal sheltering! Also the content was really clean and straight to the point. Subbed 🙂

  15. for me it doesent show up on the map

    i even showed up there using your map and it aweso didnt work

  16. Not sure if you know but you can hold M or your preferred button to open the map that displays all named locations and weather conditions to place a waypoint for yourself. The Diablo style of overlay map has just always felt clunky to me, especially if you are tracking.

  17. i do the same thing but they just die why?

  18. I do the same things u did but the footsteps wont show

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