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Warframe: How To Kill Exploiter Orb Guide 2019 — New Fortuna Boss (Deck 12)

Warframe: How To Kill Exploiter Orb Guide 2019 — New Fortuna Boss (Deck 12)

Warframe: How To Kill Exploiter Orb Guide 2019 — New Fortuna Boss (Deck 12)

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16 комментариев

  1. no u

  2. Thot Patrol Slayer huh 😀

  3. You have To watch mcgamez exploiter orb guide

  4. volt my bro!

  5. Pretty sure the range of the antimatter drop explosion is not affected by range mods

  6. wow I didn't even think of nova, but I think I will leave that to squadmates, as I am not a big fan of that warframe, and I prefer to just tank the orb 😀

  7. So for the past few hours a couple of friends and I have been doing some testing and so far it seems like Rhino, Chroma, Mirage, Nidus, other damage buff frames can change how much of an effect the canisters have on the heat gauge.

  8. How to kill Exploiter Orb quickly with the average of 22 fps ?

  9. So Far it seems the best Team comp for this is Nova, Gara, octavia and Oberon. Lets wait and see how it goes… Nova and octavia can skip first phase…

  10. The skipping the first phase bit is going to get patched so do it while you can.

  11. You even got the last animation, you probably did all the work.

  12. GG

  13. How did you not disconnect to do this guide

  14. I didn't consider Nova to skip the entire 1st phase of the fight. I was using Octavia's Mallet to have that Exploiter's turret kill all of its vents in the safety of her 3rd skill's invisibility.

  15. Love u bro

  16. Do you think Limbo would be good?

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