Warframe: How To Play Mesa 2018

Warframe: How To Play Mesa 2018

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22 комментария

  1. Why do i think that Mesa kinda reminds me of lucian on League of Legends.

  2. Can you please say what is that companion?

  3. This is the best god damm thing I have ever seen in my life

  4. Is augur pact good on regulators?

  5. Mesa aims itself?

  6. Can i buy that syndana with PL?

  7. Just got my mesa
    And ran into a memey sqaud of mesa's xD

  8. Is that syndana still available?

  9. no Augment waltz build ?

  10. max gunslinger is 72% fire rate, is the extra 18% fire rate on the anemic agility worth the -15% damage?

  11. Hey, sorry for the spam, but I really wanted to know what colors are those. Especially what gold in the accents, what black and what regalia/energy color.

  12. Hey, pls do a fashion frame vídeo of this looks

  13. Hey, great build. I would love to know what chest and shoulder armor that is please? Thanks

  14. How does range/radius affects Shatter Shield?

  15. Can you do a video on Sands of Inaros !!!!!!!!

  16. Why does everyone pronounce M-O-T when its just mot?

  17. Shitting gallery

  18. 3:16 for build.

  19. How do you keep your energy up

  20. For those of you looking to farm the coor, it drops in rotation B in derelict defence fairly, so that is another way to get them

  21. Does stacking arcane velocity work? i have arcane velocity and arcane awakening so i reload any gun quickly before pressing 4 to get the 100% pistol damage…

  22. I've been doing it wrong all this time, thought you had to keep left clicking to fire!!!

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