Warframe: How to play Valkyr 2018

Warframe: How to play Valkyr 2018

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  1. Short Simple Version: Press 4 and spam Slide Attack, you Win

  2. Have you heard of our lord and savior "Primed Sure Footed"?

  3. What’s the name of that syandana?

  4. I would hate my life if I had to play warframe on a keyboard

  5. Valkyr is extremely strong. With the right weapon you are endgame and invisible. Especially if you have a hysteria build

  6. A veteran I ran into gave me a different recommendation for valk, have relatively short duration, to constantly refresh the slow debuff and use hunter adrenaline to counteract energy consumption

  7. Continuity for hysteria builds is kind of pointless, the energy ramps up so high you may as well cancel hysteria and use hunter adrenaline to get energy back

  8. Nice

  9. How did he do that dash thing? 16:43

  10. Step one: Press 4 to win

  11. Hope I get in your ps4 clan!

  12. Equinox umbral

  13. Aw I was hoping to see a how to farm Mesa video since I haven't checked your channel in a while. But I suppose it's kind of a pointless video.

  14. Can you do ash next he's my main

  15. Best frame for Index

  16. High-steria? You can't you your Irish accent as an excuse for that one!

  17. Hi Steria…………..


  18. I build her with max efficiency to get the 0.63 energy use. Then I have the umbral mods for armor hp and strength. And the last 2 mod slots I use for 85% hp to energy mods. So I come out of hysteria take some dmg and get all energy back super fast. Super tanky too so I don't get oneshot. The only problem is that strength is not that high. But it does not really matter with the super high dmg her ult has.

  19. I have liked subbed and turned on notification 🙂

  20. Do a How to play Ivara 2018

  21. Who is Steria and why they not say Hi back?

  22. KEWL

  23. Press 4…. duh… win

  24. How to play Loki? Please ty?

  25. How good is 2000 armor?

  26. For my build I went with umbral build with high duration, low range, and some efficiency. Range isn't that necessary for a melee based frame. I mainly use Warcry and can easily get it to max at 62 seconds just by spamming Venka prime. If needed, I'll pop Hysteria for when my health gets low, though I don't need to often because of Arcane Grace and Arcane Guardian

  27. 1768 hs played, 22% of that time with Valkyr, use Hirudo with warcry and you get autoheal, insane amount of dmg, speed, crits, and combos, you just erase them from the map. And please FORGET ABOUT THE UMBRAL MODS, no need to put 9 damn formas on Valkyr.

  28. Valkyr master race

  29. Please do Nidus! I love your videos!

  30. Which syandana is that and can i still get it?

  31. How tf you dash like that @ 1:12 ? That was like a transportation

  32. Do one on nidus

  33. Make guid for oberon-oberon prime

  34. Mąkę how to play banshee

  35. What is the name of the cape he is wearing in this video?

  36. Please how to play Mag 2018 , give my beauty some love too

  37. just bind the melee to the mouse scrollwheel if you have trouble pressing the button, and just spin it.

  38. Implying your implying to imply…

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