Warframe | Hunting / Preservation Guide for Fortuna

Warframe | Hunting / Preservation Guide for Fortuna

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  2. New Update includes a Unicorn Fluff and a Deadpool Warframe. Have fun!

  3. lol

  4. Br0 I'm a volt main dammit

  5. If Companion Cube can love me, a Floof can!

  6. Thank you and lols.

  7. Here's hoping everyone realizes that Ivara is a True Goddess for Conservation, Sleep arrows and near perfect invisibility can't be beat

  8. Sólo dire algo para este video IVARAAAAAAAAAA

  9. I got nothin. I like the plush dolls. The idea of hunting these creature to save them is nice. Kind of a pain when you're first learning how to do it…damn pobbers blindsided me and then ran away before I could figure out how to switch to the gun from the lure.

  10. Im pretending shy loves me

  11. Shy being helpful feels like Vor loving Tennos.

  12. dont bullet jump on top of the animal, it kills it

  13. "it doesnt" best thing ever. i cant stop laughing =)

  14. tried to catch a bolarola and it kept covering itself, my friend got frustrated and aim glide to it then accidentally slide kick it to death

  15. damn im part of the colored blind niggas gang

  16. At Fortuna's release, you could cheese the hunt with Ivara's prowl and sleep arrows. The following hotfix then made it so that sleeped animals instantly wake up and tranqing them does nothing.

  17. Volt? Dealing DAMAGE? Stop messing around Shy.

  18. If you use loki you can use the lure while invisible to not scare the animal, and with ivara you don't even need the rifle, just pop a sleep arrow and put them in a cage.

  19. Well shy your dildo doesn't love you either but you sure do love him anyways , so shut it and let us love our Fluffs.


  21. 1:08 wait.. do i spot of Glados humor in there?

  22. Mayby fluffs don't love you but i'm gona still make army of mices in my operator room

  23. So, does the tranq gun also work on enemies too? If so, I'm going to have some fun shooting them and making them sleep.

  24. 1192 friend requests pending? Who the actual fuck would want yo be friends with Shy? It's just DK with 1191 alt accounts and his original request, isn't it?

  25. Your zephyr is so pretty w

  26. Is that the only reason to hunt

  27. What's the point of tranquilizing them if you're just gonna stuff them and put them on your mantle piece after?

  28. Real GLaDOS vibe from the end bit

  29. The rewards for hunting are a real let down, especially after you go out and have so much fun learning how to do it only to get back and realize that the only rewards are orbiter decorations.

  30. …y'know, I'm still gonna fuck this up. I tried to get a Virmink earlier, and couldn't draw it out. I tracked it to a spot, spammed the echo lure, and Biz told me to git gud.

  31. *Floof

  32. all the pobbler plushies will be mine

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