[ad_1] Ok, you know I haven’t kept up with Warframe in a while, but holy crap if tennocon didn’t completely get it’s hooks in me with the addition of Multi-Crew Space Missions! Check out the video and let me know what you think!

Check out the Fortuna / Railjack Footage:

This title is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, PC.

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  1. has he done the second dream? Otherwise he hasn't even completed the tutorial hehe.

  2. For the new players the best way to start its looking for the adventures and learnig the codex (its like an ecyclopedia inside your ship) there you can know about the requirements about the aventures , info about warframes, weapons,enemies etc. The defense thing its for leveling fast but for new players its better to unlock the the solar system

  3. The space stuff looks cool as hell, but I've always had the same attitude as you towards the rest of the game. Maybe I'll go back on soon and see if something has changed, but it always felt like such a grind. It's hard to keep that kind of game in my rotation

  4. warframe end game is what you want it to be i personaly do survival mission and such,
    but everyone know fashion frame is the true end game;)

  5. Haven't played in years but I'm so impressed by the work being put into Warframe. If only every game could be like that.

  6. No, unfortunately it's not this year. Fortuna, the open world itself should be dropping this year yes, but railjack is still in it's early stages of development. Warframe is a great game, but it's not for everyone. I am one of the people that really like the sensation of erning my gear, of becoming better in a game through my own efforts, be it time investment to learn the mechanics or through grinding for my gear, not because I got a +10 stat gear piece from a lootbox I got with my hard earned cash. Of course this means I dont mind a good grind, and warframe is honestly not a bad grind in general. The drop chances are fair, nothing that is meaningful to progression is locked behind a paywall and the community is honestly one of the best I've met, ever. And then there is the cherry on top of the cake that is the cinematic quests. But to get there you will have to play through the game. It's an unspoken rule of the community that nobody spoils the cinematic quests.

  7. I feel you

    I've been wanting to pick Warframe back up since it's been a good long time since I last played, but I have zero idea where to even begin.

  8. i just dont think it's a game for you, if you dont enjoy killing stuff in the game, even this railjack will not help u, yeah u will have fun for first 5 times u do it but then u will get bored, and probably u will have to play a lot go get to that content. I love this game and i enjoy core loop of it… trying to figure out new ways of spreading chaos, testing new weapons and builds, collecting stuff and so on. if you don't like that maybe dont force it just for some 1 feature

  9. just go slow, think and communicate with ingame players.

  10. people doing defense are just grinding for weapon parts, xp, traces etc.. warframe is so much more than that, theres so much variety to the mission types (as you can see from the risk they have taken with what they showed at tennocon), just go through the star chart and unlock all the junctions so u can see more of what the game has to offer. eidolon hunting is basically like monster hunter except u really need to work as a team. the depth in terms of builds is unreal, like nothing else comes close.

  11. Great video but it's a little insulting when you're talking about a game that alot of us adore and truly love and you have done very little research. It is a corpus cruiser. It is Eye-Duh-Lon not aidolon. It takes 2 minutes to find this out. But for the most part it was enjoyable and it's nice to see warframe appealing to a larger audience. Warframe taking huge steps.

  12. so, you wanna get back into it, but not actually play the game?

    at the end of the day, THAT is warframe. its like diablo, you go in, kill a bunch of stuff, come back, and repeat.
    even in fortuna, that will be the gist of the game, even in the space missions, you will have to do that as well.

    so if its not for you, its not for you.

    the best they can do is add new game modes, but dont ask them to change the game. at the end of the day, be it protecting some spot, hunting a guy, or guiding someone, you will be killing dudes. thats what the game is.

    as a side note, have you tried the main quests? things like second dream, chains of harrow, and so on? because thats the most diferent things(and even then, you could boil it all down to go there kill stuff).

  13. Eyyyydolon.

  14. yeah I also reinstalled warframe after I saw that Railjack demo gameplay
    but I'm not doing any defense/survival mission yet but just roam around POE with Zephyr
    and holy sh*t that's was fun. rework zephyr dash around like a rocket that I can't control and Tornado that move to my aim
    -did it efficient way to play ? NO
    -did it give me a lot of loot ? NO
    -did it give me TONs of exp ? NO
    -did it give the drop I want ? NO

    but I'm enjoying it

  15. if you want to get in you have force it your self , were is no other way and once you in and like really in it wount let you go like satan holdig in on souls

  16. Well there is 2-4 cinamatic story questlines in the game now as well, so if you can get to those it'll give you some good content, at least play until you make it to the 2nd dream quest.

  17. Rhino is endgame bro. Thats all u need. Mod for more armor

  18. Didn't know you playing Warframe.
    Probably you have to wait for next 4-5 year so dev could have enough time to replace old gameplay with new one. haha i haven't played for 3 years i think , have very high end year not all of it but a lots. but my PC is full off porn i can't install it that 40gb is like 20-30 porn . lol

  19. Like anything you have to put the work in to get the best that Warframe has to offer, like in real life if you aren't willing to put the work in don't expect to get the best out of what is offered. Warframe is rich in lore and many things to do, but as I said if you don't want to work then you'll lose out.

  20. Warframe has no real end game, so most veterans just go through the same core game play loop of farming and grinding. Fortunately, if the Venus open world is implemented in a similar fashion to the Plains, you won't need to be a veteran to gain access to most of the new features.

  21. Grindframe has its ups and downs, eidolon hunting is still rad and challenging but Im still pissed they nerfed the tonkor.

  22. Here are good guides to keep new players from getting lost and pulling their hair out

  23. Also FYI warframe endgame = Fashion Frame lol

  24. There is 3 big cinematic quests that you need 2 unlock and then you will see what is all about,and trust me you are going 2 love it… 😉

  25. 900 h here, I can't believe I have played that much and I still have some content to do. I was really skeptical about this game when I installed it, the beginning is tough, the systems are really complex and there is so much stuff to do and to learn. Only after 100 h I had that moment of epiphany in which I knew I understood the game.

    There is something magical about this game, I can't explain exactly what it is but it has been an incredible experience. The learning process, the movement, the big amount of diverse frames and weapons, the great community, the amazing devs and in top of that: the lore and quests. I'm not even a fan of MMO's, I usually don't like their grindy nature. When people said to me that they had more than 1k h in this game I thought I would hate it, but the gameplay is very good and the sense of accomplishment is so real. I thought that the "mobile-like" system of crafting, with long times on the foundry would be a pain but it adds a good pace to the progress and you have always something new ready to try. I thought I would hate so much stuff but those things in this game have a sense.

    You need to commit to it, but in change the game gives you so much. Just don't try to rush it or you'll burn yourself. Enjoy the ride on your own pace.

  26. ruri if you need someone to play with you on ps4 ( if you play it on there) Id be more than happy to be apart of your fire team

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