Warframe | Kreska — The Forgotten

Warframe | Kreska — The Forgotten

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  1. May I know why you hate Christmas?

  2. Lmao if anyone has a really good heart just send me gift 😀
    PC IGN:Prince39 just warframe slot and deluxe skin will do 😀

  3. I love that people are STILL wasting plat sending Shy Mags, lol.

  4. I dont get it, isnt Mag your favorite frame ?

  5. Shhhhhshshhhhshh it's ok daddy's gonna smother you with a pillow n it will be all better you cheap ass corpus window wiper ….

  6. You know, I was trying to be nice, but after this vid I think I'll send you a mag…because why not~

  7. now I wanna gift quite a mag noggle statue

  8. moooore MOOOOORE MAG!!!!!!!

  9. Forgotten?
    was it ever existed?

  10. You and ashisogi would make a beautiful love child…..it would probably be a sassy Mag

  11. I can't access my dojos lab consoles so i can't get anything from them. This a glitch? On xbox

  12. At least you can sell the mags for credits

  13. I should gift you a mag and a wudong

  14. a fucking machete that looks a fucking scythe

  15. Shy is mad that she is getting Mags.


  16. Fun fact: Kreska in polish means "line". Now play it with this awareness


  18. I made this thing because I was like "Look a techno survival tool" and then the machete reveal first hand was like "ohno". If it was reasonable to swap to melee and instantly start blocking when you had another weapon out it could be useful because it has 85% damage reduction, which is a little silly conceptually.

  19. Ironic it's not classed as an axe considering its a pick-AXE

  20. 0:18 thats some good ass nails

  21. 4 hours before mesa prime

  22. Merry Mag-mas to all of you

  23. Reload the mags

  24. Merry christmas. I give mag but I play xbox

  25. Ok then I'll send good ol' BALListica

  26. more mags are needed

  27. i Thought it was a Cleaner for the Front Window of my Liset Suprised Pikachu Face

  28. Merry Christmas to you SHY

  29. a bro at least you are getting gifts on your account I don't get none :'( IGN vargasmongo3435 PC xD

  30. I will be honest i had no idea that thing even exists.

  31. It's a shovel scrubs.

  32. What's your twitch quite shallow?

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