Warframe Mandachord: We All Lift Together (Fortuna chain gang song, Warframe)

Warframe Mandachord: We All Lift Together (Fortuna chain gang song, Warframe)

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  1. The ending chorus works a bit better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDvzLzWRxxg

  2. I mean, it kinda' sounds like the bagpipes trying to kill itself…

  3. Can you try making "The World Revolving"?

    from DeltaRune

  4. Oh god my ears, why is mandacord so limited? ;-; gj tho

  5. It sounds like someone on a trombone is playing it really shittily, great job

  6. cancer xd

  7. my ears got raped

    Not your fault the mandachord just sound like poop

  8. It'd be nice if we got a better not system. 1. Putting notes on the thing is horrible 2. There is not enough notes to make better stuff

  9. is it possible for you to make "river flows in you"?

  10. Reggie what did you do

  11. Super slow nocturne buff .

  12. Buff Mandachord. I don't mean make it more powerful, just give us more notes. Get on it DE.

  13. I tried; and you just C A N N O T fit the song onto your mandachord. Idk how many people you need for the whole song, because it's an incredibly tough song to manage. I don't even have enough instruments to get a decent song either (seeing as they all cost, you know, a few hundred plat in total)

  14. how about we're all in this together next for the meme

  15. I love the effort and its not your fault but this sounds like the awful recorder meme version of the song. But good job for the speed.

  16. I really wish the mandachord could extend notes, so its not just a single note but one that continues the sound for as long as you choose.

  17. Thank you !

  18. Hey man, nice work. It must be a tight fit with the mandachord reduced range, but it works. Ty for the effort

  19. A for effort

  20. props for speed and effort on this, less props to the game for making the mandachord sound like poopyass

  21. I wish they gave you some notes below the root note. I think all the best Warframe songs are in D minor, and the Mandachord is indeed in D minor pentatonic, but in the soundtrack they love going down to A or A#, which is not possible in the Mandachord cause' it starts at D… 🙁

  22. can you make mandachord from this song please ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saN1ySqCO5g

  23. The key is off, by like a step and a half

  24. not even close but ty for trying tenno

  25. This sounds horrible, Jesus. It's not your fault but the sound packs they give you just doesn't give it the right pitch and tone the original has

  26. Quick boi

  27. Just asking but are you able to accomplish the beginning part of this?https://youtu.be/in8QHhTuEG0

  28. Slow down there

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