Warframe | Nagantaka — Gore Crossbow

Warframe | Nagantaka — Gore Crossbow

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  2. you are wrong on one thing… doesnt really matter which one, i will not tell you xD

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  5. Nagantaka is very……. Meh…

  6. I like Crossbows, I like Bimbo, I like being a Beyblade with a whip. What am I?

  7. Well greek fire burns on water too so I guess that counts as a river catching fire?

  8. It's fucking beautiful! Potentially a replacement for my Zhuge which was a replacement for my Attica pre-balance pass.

  9. I have some crossbow
    I have some Pandero

  10. How to get your/ her glyph ?

  11. Okay, DE lowkey just copied Outlaw from Destiny..

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  13. Damn Shy you dumb as hell girl! Crossbows are good don't be a metashitter and unironically like Sybaris lmao

  14. Meh, i hated the Nagantaka, its very underwhelming compared to the other Crossbows and i doubt that even with a Riven it will be viable. Im sticking to my Attica for Bow Only Sorties…

  15. I wonder if shy is actually a huge sub irl, and just pretends to be a dom through her YouTube persona.

  16. No pun intended

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  20. How the fuck does that thing shoot with a backwards bow

  21. Same rate as my viewers getting laid. … but what if some of us are pornstars…. shy would be easily impressed.

  22. Well there was a river in India that caught on fire once.

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  29. are we just going to keep ignoring the fact that the only way you can use most of these weapons at higher than lvl 30 enemies is either plink them to death while using a frame with specially geared damage reduction abilities (mesa/rhino) , or one of 2 frames that massively slow enemies and increase your own damage with rediculous buffs (nova/chroma)?

  30. In Spongebob the ocean caught on fire quite often. Make a counterpoint to that you scum.

  31. Wow, you must be impressed a lot.

  32. I didn't come here to get personally attacked.

    … ok, yes i did.

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  34. Just realized how shy looks like the main character form that new movie mortal engines that coming out soon, they both have red bandanas covering their face and full of edgy angst

  35. Jokes on you shy I get laid very often when she doesn’t escape from the basement

  36. Fucking reload will kill u

  37. Why are you holding it backwards though? That seems counterintuitive.

  38. so a crossbow that you can finally shoot your period with

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