Warframe: New Fortuna Preview, Kitguns, Moa Pet, Fishing & K-Drives — 4K

Warframe: New Fortuna Preview, Kitguns, Moa Pet, Fishing & K-Drives — 4K

[ad_1] Ignore the Garuda ultimate in this video it’s been changed.

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Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world. [ad_2]

37 комментариев

  1. Youtube still processing it to 4k, be higher quality sooooon ok
    Also the Garuda Ult shown in this footage has been changed ok <3

  2. Yah let's get an evil ordis personality on those moas.
    His dreams of bloody battles will come true!

  3. Seriously Fortuna is out now, how do you get the Bursa pet?

  4. Why does everyone on Fortuna sound like a Brit?

    I mean, I know DE is I in England, but I never expected Those of Fortuna to sound So much like Brits…

  5. watches in console player

  6. when are we gonna get bursa plating for our moas!?

  7. I hoped somewhere along the line we get a series of quests that led to us assist Solaris United. I'm not feeling that from what I just saw. I guess we have to wait for Railjack or the New War

  8. Not gonna lie I foaming at tur mouth on how satisfying all the noises are.

  9. So…we have corpus open world now….when is the infested open wolrd? I want to figth giant infested beast.

  10. I hope they bring some archwings for operation railjack, or at least some new mods for them because they seem to be kinda only for transportation in fortuna and the Plains of eidolons. Thats what I think anyways.

  11. I rather have those emotion chips installed on ordis. Installing another ai would be nice from time to time. Just another voice set would also do.

  12. Haven't played for 2years. I have like 100 things to level! And I miss old Draco! 🙁
    Most of those weapons land as paperweight in my inventory, thou…

  13. Me: aw its just a moa following you.

    At the end: wait moas can wave back at you?? I NEED ONE

  14. Oh god, the semi-old English accent/ slang will be cringe…

  15. Lmfao this game is such ass! Dont care if this trash is free it's still shit. Lmfao you nerds have sunk so much time into a dead title. Yeah trash

  16. I like how the guns looks super ugly, like a really makeshift gun.

  17. Is there any way to suggest adding chariot-blades to the new "hoverboards", and to be able to use melee weapons while operating them???

  18. Bet you can't wait to gather 100 pieces of frozen dog shit to upgrade your amp this game is trash

  19. Holy cow is Garuda destructive

  20. do you got a video showcasing ordis background ive done codex but was wandering if you could see where ordis plays a big role in the story of ballas and lotus

  21. it sounds like rage to me and we aussies dont sound like that dam robot chic

  22. $$ Sell mr 21 account Max riven slot, platinum 14,000+, riven collection 3000p+, Legendary core, primed/syndicate mod collection, endo 40,000

  23. Cannot was it for my fancy moa butler

  24. "This pleases you, yes?"
    "Dismantle mines, yes?"
    I'm not mad that they sound the same but that's the first thing that came to mind.

  25. Violently Australian


  27. Im soo excited now!! The antecipation ohhhhh!!

  28. Kitguns Moa companion? Shut up and take my credits

  29. thanks so much patato!

  30. Moa guy: "nice."

  31. damn… i was hoping for garudas 4 to have new visual… doesnt look epic imho

  32. They make robots so they didn't have to animate the mouths. They know what they doin.


  34. This is fucking amazing

  35. Anyone else think its weird that in basically all the dev's footage from venus there's very little emphasis on actually fighting stuff?

  36. I was half expecting gigantic fishpeople to fall from the ceiling in the cave.

  37. Are they tweaking graphics quality with Fortuna or is just you in 4k ????

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