Warframe — Nightwave: The Wolf of Saturn Six (Overview)

Warframe — Nightwave: The Wolf of Saturn Six (Overview)


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  1. >People complaining about lack of content
    >Not even that much of a grind it's mostly stuff you do passively like kill eximus units
    >Get content that's not too far out there but enough to keep you busy with most aspects of the game
    >"Why is there a lack of content / why is the new content grindy"

  2. Not bad. now DE needs to give me a reason to play nyx over other cc frames and my life will be complete

  3. What’s the best eximus farm?

  4. What about arbitration’s?

  5. My name's three dog owwwww and welcome to Galaxy news radio

  6. Holy shit that wild frenzy mod looks amazing! Please make a video about it!

  7. Steve mentioned its gonna be something like 12 weeks per season.

  8. Just a battle pass system in Warframe in simple terms.

  9. freind ones need to be removed.. most of us dont have freinds

  10. >content that requires time to earn comes out
    >"omg such a grind"
    >content that requires strategy comes out, meta discovered and mastered by everyone in a single day
    >"omg this game is too easy wtf is with this content drought"

  11. you guys ever knotice the community realises the pros and cons in stages
    first they praise everything de's made for them
    then they play the content
    then they slowly actually think about the content for a more thurough view and look into other's views
    then they actually review it for themselves

    at anyrate lemme put my views here:
    interesting event and new system but its very unfriendly to new players
    rather than freely doing available alerts even if they were somewhat random we now have to tediously grind objectinves for nora like chores for reds- which we use to get limited access to all of the alert items well almost all of em- we dont have traces dna and endo i believe among other items
    and we dont even have an end date for when this event is over it could be a month it could be over in a week

    think about what ive said before you say anything about nightwave because de needs to adress these concerns and no these arnt just from me forums and media like facebook twitter and youtube comments have pointed this out- hoping content creators do and more players get this out there so de understands

  12. Still my question
    Wolf cred how to get it aside of that reward?

  13. nightwave drop them beats

  14. One the subject of grind, we'll have to se how fast we actually get the rarer high level stuff (umbra forma being the one for me), not very good if you have do every single challenge.

    TLDR: if you miss a day/week can you still get the high level stuff

  15. One other thing you can do if you are still bored is, and I know this is crazy to a lot of people, play something else. There are so many other games to play out there go have fun! Cant expect to be able to play warframe as your only game.

  16. I got to rank 4 in 2 days

  17. So we have to fight the Grineer's equivalent of Master Chief? Oh god oh fuck

  18. Well, it kinda is what you say at the end. I already complete all the challenges and I only got to rank 3. Now I have to wait 3 days for the next challenges and I'm at that point again, nothing to do. At this rhythm we gonna get that umbral forma in like 6 weeks. It doesn't fell reward it in my opinion.

  19. This is the tits sandwich

  20. Damn, i saw the wild frenzy mod and was hype for it with Euphona. Then i finished reading the entire mod.

  21. What a great way to address long standing criticism that had been with the game for over a year now.
    I personally think adding another grind is stupid and boring, but I should just "shut up or go away." That's one hell of a low point.

  22. this was too easy, acouple hrs and done, no challenge at all

  23. OMG THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS RN!!!!! This is what I wanted in WARFRAME. A thing where I can do something with my frame. This is what the game needed! And you describe how I felt about the game for awhile now perfectly well. This is exactly what I needed. No archguns or complicated lore or big empty areas, just some fun with my frame. And that's what made me fall in love with this game in the first place. Being a ninja not a space hero. But I'm still gonna enjoy Railjack though LOL.

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