Warframe on Switch — FORTUNA HAS ARRIVED + much more!! — Tac Update Time!!!

Warframe on Switch — FORTUNA HAS ARRIVED + much more!! — Tac Update Time!!!

[ad_1] Welcome to another episode of Tac Update where I look through the patch notes of Warframe updates and bring you the choice highlights of additions, subtractions, fixes, changes and any other info from that update that might be of interest.

Today’s Tac Update is focused on the Warframe on Switch Update 24: Fortuna Part 1 & just a heads up, i’ll be covering the main parts of the updates with most of the other things like changes to Revenant and Nezha’s rework plus Empyrean Deluxe Skin in a playlist which will hopefully bring you up to speed with those and you can find that playlist below.

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Background music in the video comes from the magnificent Popskyy. Not to put too finer point on it but Popskyy makes fantastic music and is also extremely generous with how Streamers / Youtubers can use his musical creations.

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Fortuna Part 1 Patch notes: [ad_2]

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  1. When we will have access to Tennogen? 🙁

  2. luktorce i love your vids and you channel is growing really fast gl for 10k man!

  3. I hate how they changed the gear select button from Y into A. My muscle memory cost me tons of Kinetic Siphon Traps 🙁

  4. Lighting is also different. I find some things look a lot better and some others just have bland colors.

    This update is equivalent to the first Fortuna on other consoles, right?

  5. the 1st thing fortuna wants you to do is find the crates which is the most anoying thing from the plains… they are trolling us.

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