Warframe on Switch — Fortuna: Part 1 Update release date announced!!

Warframe on Switch — Fortuna: Part 1 Update release date announced!!

[ad_1] Just a quick vid with info on Warframe on Switch’s Fortuna: Part 1 Update releasing tomorrow, Tuesday 5th February 2019 (6th Feb for Aussies and NZers!) so get set for some Fortuna & Orb Vallis shenanigans and a whole lot more (it’s a whopper of patch) coming to Warframe on the Nintendo Switch!

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Background music in the video comes from the magnificent Popskyy. Not to put too finer point on it but Popskyy makes fantastic music and is also extremely generous with how Streamers / Youtubers can use his musical creations.

Check out Popskyy’s work via the below links:
Bandcamp: Popskyy.bandcamp.com
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Fortuna Part 1 Update thread: [ad_2]

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  1. thanks mate

  2. Yay for Fortuna!

    … But I hate that remaster approach already. Next updates should be normal ones tough, including Fortuna part 2.

  3. If you did a step by step quest and planet progress series you'd be the biggest Warframe channel online . Especially given your knowledge of the game and the massive amount of squeakers joining the game

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