Warframe On Switch — FORTUNA PART 2: Profit-Taker Update Is At CERT!!!!

Warframe On Switch — FORTUNA PART 2: Profit-Taker Update Is At CERT!!!!

[ad_1] Nintennos we got some fantastic news with Rebb letting everyone know that Fortuna Part 2 — The Profit-Taker Update has gone to Cert so lets take a look at the brief info that we received for the announcement.

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NOTE1: The frames shown during this video may have assorted Fashionframe accessories on them including but not limited to Armor items and Syandanas which are not included with the Tennogen items mentioned during the video.

NOTE2: The Tennogen items show in this video came from PC footage and has listed dollar values of Australian currency.



Switch Fortuna Part 2 Update Prep Playlist:

PS4 / XB1 Fortuna Part 2 Update:

Archguns & Gravimags:

Conservation 2.0:

Exergis Shotty:

Flox Syandana:

Baruuk before:

Baruuk after:

Warframe Augment mods:



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Background music in the video comes from the magnificent Popskyy. Not to put too finer point on it but Popskyy makes fantastic music and is also extremely generous with how Streamers / Youtubers can use his musical creations.

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Fortuna Part 2 on Switch announcement:



I’m a Warframe Partner and I think DE summed up how the Warframe Partner program works quite well: «Our Warframe Partners are independent entities and their opinions do not reflect that of Digital Extremes»

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  1. Thanks mate! Loving the videos!

  2. Duck I got to get to old mate

  3. Great and we do need performance fixes.
    On the top of my head, framerate tanks at seamingly random times, rooms load after you enter them ( so you enter a black void and then it loads) and some consoles are never loaded ( so the console hack icon appears in front of an empty wall).

    Yesterday I also appeared (I joined a squad) inside something and couldn't get out.

    Thanks for the info Luktorce, your channel is very helpful!

  4. thanks luktorce!! I find it really cool that you review updates for xbox, ps4 as well as switch, instead of just pc. I really helps out the community! thanks again and keep doing your excellent videos!!

  5. good news, fortuna on switch could really do with some performance gains.

  6. Another vid with likes but zero views

  7. Need to space ninja the galaxy on the switch now too.

  8. Sorry for not commenting on your last video, to make it up, I'll make this comment good.

    Have a good day!

    Hope you enjoyed my little joke.

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