Warframe | Pet Moa Guide

Warframe | Pet Moa Guide

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  1. Now that DE is adding corpus spiders and you can decide the legs on your moa, I'm hoping in the future you can have a spider moa as a companion.

  2. That kubrow looks awesome

    What kind of cosmetic/accessories she used ?
    Is that a skin ?
    Also this kubrow is fucking giant

  3. Dude ED-209 is awesome. 😀

  4. …and aggressive one is Shy.

  5. I just built one and named it F1D-0 (short for "Fun: 1, DE:0" in celebration of finding something in spite of the horrible grind) and honestly this little leggy fucker is going to my my go-to guy until they let me build a Vay Hek Clone to use.

  6. im sry joe (a female kubrow) but this is much cooler!

    robo boi ftw!

  7. security override works !!! Test it !!!

  8. So basicly better then kubrow and the kavat noice now we need zanuka as a pet and this i will call epic content

  9. Cant wait until we can build our own bursa

  10. Cat is still the best pet

  11. name of the music in the video? anyone?

  12. I came for the Moas
    I stayed for the humor

  13. Sigh..and the sad thing is these mods for MOAs could have been used in a Vauban rework…

  14. wait a second, How dafuq did you get "Not-Akvasto Prime"

  15. Kubrows: Rawr I'm the mighty floof! goes invisible
    Helminth Charger: Mlem.
    Kavats: Smee.
    Venari: I SWEAR I AM GOOD!
    MOA: pew

  16. Kubrow's can also lick our assholes too… Just sayin'

    But I heard MOA's have a vibrate setting…

    So, the choice is yours…

    And I say, "Why not both!?"

  17. Hey, licking ur own asshole is a skill not many have mastered, ok?!

  18. now only if de would let our moas walk on our orbiter like our fleshy companions.

  19. I like your accent

  20. cool, im naming mine's Fist0


  22. Moas are cuter anyway

  23. Guide: don't build it now cuz they'll be adding new leg parts.

  24. So if you want to use the ultity heads look and the dps mods that works ? yus

  25. LOL! Love the vid! Question though; i have a bunch of companion mods, kavat, kubrow, sentinel, generic, etc, but i can only see, like…….7 of them when upgrading my moa. Is this a bug or do i just suck that bad????

  26. You called your abomination Kubrow Yogsototh. I like that.

  27. can the moa have the companion mod that heals him when you hit in melee? and when it dies it explodes or falls to be revived? as a hybrid between sentinels and companions i'm not sure…

  28. Say fuq if ur being held at gunpoint

  29. 0:38 *TRY to name it after your favourite robot but get stopped by the profanity filter for absolutely no logical reason

  30. what a coincidence i have the same moa as shy, i made it before this video was released btw

  31. What I expected: The zaw experience

    What I got: RoboCop theme plays

  32. Leg hill

  33. So instead of buffing Kubrows to have abilities similar to what MOAS have, they create an entire chunk of content based around building and assembling a new pet, which is based off of one of the biggest cannon-fodder enemies from Corpus. Can someone ask DE why they hate dogs so much?

    Hell, I feel it could fit into the lore. Kubrows are already genetically modified for combat alongside Tenno, so is it that a big a stretch for something like:

    -After years of research, the Lotus (or whoever is backing it) has discovered psychic potential in their Kubrows, and have discovered numerous ways to take advantage of it.

    Well, this really is nothing new, it's just more of DE doing their usual design choices of releasing new content instead of improving old content.

    I'd like it noted I don't hate the idea of having a pet MOA, I just wish they'd buff Kubrows so that they'd have more use other than going down so much he may as well be a worker at a brothel.

  34. 1:54 look like you just break your neck
    Great job shy

  35. So tempted to build some once it drops on PS4…but I kinda wanna wait for more brackets.
    I want my personal Bursa dammit!

  36. Color your MOA golden, and you can have The World as a pet. considering stasis field

  37. Great now watching harmontown ed209 bit.

  38. Moa's are very cute (they actually are) they are usefull (just when they want) it hacks consoles (what about hacking themselfs)
    And they shoot deadly peanuts (that for some reason kills a level 160 corrupted bombarder), they have feelings but if you install emotions dont install the agressive, it will violate you at night, for that i got an EMP amp to shoot at it

  39. Stupid Moas can't even lick themselves.

  40. I perfer the halo reach moa

  41. Infested Moa when

  42. They can stomp enemies in the same annoying way they've been stomping me for years. That's all I wanted. 10/10

  43. It would be even better if it would stop telling me my inventory is too full when it clearly isn't.

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