Warframe | Prime Time #237 — Operator Sortie!

Warframe | Prime Time #237 — Operator Sortie!

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Rebecca and Megan attempt a Sortie using only their Operators!

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  1. It's like Warframe is forcibly going in the complete opposite direction to the reasons that I was interested in it. Open world maps sucked, operators were always bad, take us back to the glory days of the void. Not this!

  2. Am i the only one that sees a lot of audio sync issues with many of these primetime streams here?

  3. This is why Octavia shouldn't go goth. Instead of invisibility she's opening Satan portals for the devs. So OP.

  4. Ayuda ise la misión la guerra interna y no me dieron el segmento de la habitación personal help me?

  5. I love you 2 girls since first videos

  6. Sadly the twitch drop didn't get distributed. No Ducats for me.

  7. 42:33 we have shards articulas and ayatans that are both pickups and decoration. So when will we get that for toroids?

  8. 53:57 That was me. 🙂
    AXELAY was a game for the Super Nintendo (Super NES in the US) and it is still seen to this day has one of the hardest space-shooters ever made. I had to play the ENTIRE game in Easy and Normal just to gather enough lives to reach the final Boss in Hard (all this back-to-back, since saves and Checkpoint did not exist back then). Sadly, just when I was about to enter the final stage of the final Boss (a freakshow of dodging a million balls) I moved to close to the exploding gate and that was it… I never saw the actual ending until Youtube was invented.
    Also, since then I never endulged again is really hard games, with the exception of "Lords of the Fallen".

  9. Omg wat patch is tomorrow? Do I need to prep the 64 bit partition or is that not decided yet?

  10. Rebecca so byuti full sexxy

  11. Two of the cutest gamers

  12. They're both really cute.

  13. What's the song the stream opens with?

  14. Talk about unexpected surprises

  15. Didn’t get the twitch drop

  16. i want to see that dojo myself how is it called?

  17. Hello

  18. You guys need Virtous Trojan and your life would be so much easier. :b

  19. Rebecca aka space mom

  20. 6:00 HAHHAA oh bless her, she became so nervous after that slip. Dont worry about it

  21. PlayWarframe Hands down, the BEST PrimeTime ever! I busted a gut laughing! Megan should do improv, she's so quick with those quips. And I think your Canadian-esque accents hit an all time high as well.

  22. my amp is not unique in all the multiverse, Rebeca has the exact same one…

  23. Hay DE can u make it were Revenant thralls can't be killed by other players i kind of feel like its pointless for Revenant to have the ability to make over shield pick up if his thralls keeps getting nuke by everyone in the your lobby

  24. I love this music thats played during Standby. Its what attracts me to watch these streams. Where can I find this music?

  25. Warframe is dead.

  26. Blocking + hit was supposed to activate gap closers, also blocking was involved in aim glide and most of the combos, Im just scared how thats gonna affect melee 3.0. Lets find out tomorrow what changes its gonna bring.

  27. Can we get Rebecca and Megan fan art for my ship?

  28. What the FUCK is up with that dojo?! Holy shit! That looks amazing!

  29. 17:14 Elon Musk visits DE

  30. 40:53 Butt Plug?

  31. two kavats?

  32. 50:49 2B???

  33. damn, i missed it…..

  34. Sound team must be working on jet noises by recording real live fighter jets

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