Warframe | Prime Time #238 — Nightwave!

Warframe | Prime Time #238 — Nightwave!

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Rebecca and Megan are tuned into Nightwave — now broadcasting on ALL platforms!

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  1. Rebecca is looking hella hot to be truthfully honest. Not joking.

  2. Reb is in a tank top and meg is full winter gear this prim time is confusing. I think I may uninstall warframe.

  3. when rebecca stares off in the distance, i see steve

  4. Wolfie is lord Boros before onenpunch confirmed.

  5. Moa animation idea: bulletjumps but with legs spread making a SOI sound.

  6. Luktorce made it?! Yay!

  7. All of the masks are amazing. Sadly, we only get 2. ^^

  8. Skip to 2:09

  9. 2:06 to skip Death Metal.

  10. So many good masks in honorable mentions, like 1:00:00

  11. Start: 2:10
    Venetian contest winners: 49:45
    Fanart (honorable mentions): 54:59
    Top ten comments: 1:03:01

  12. 2.08

  13. Vauban. Man. Bad. I feel attacked

  14. awe

  15. The community backs Rahetalius, it isn't just him

  16. Man you guys are childish for having to try to shame Rahetalius on Twitter because you guys personally can't be bothered with the truth that your chat moderation and guides of the lotus programs are absolutely terrible

  17. Warframe mobile anyone??

  18. lets fix Gol chat mod and partner program WOOT WOOT lets go lets do it cmon DE lets do it!

  19. A great Moa animation would just be it tripping

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