Warframe | PS4 @ 4 — 11/27/2018

Warframe | PS4 @ 4 — 11/27/2018

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  1. What will be the next prime??

  2. Fortuna PS4 Please

  3. Oi pessoal

  4. Any news on Wukong Prime? He really needs a rework he’s sorta become useless now

  5. How to defeat Captain Vor, very enduring old corrupted boss

  6. Please just give us fortuna already were way beyond tired of waiting and i really dont want to wait till next week to get it

  7. 22 dislikes probably from destiny players

  8. fix log in failed issue you assholes

  9. 2:55 folks

  10. Question. New warframe player. The chroma prime access pack that's currently available has it even been on sale? Right now it's 79.99. Is this the price it's ever going to be or will it go on sale? Is this the price for all prime access pack?

  11. Unit 01

  12. Plz fix the broken exterminate missions. Plzzz

  13. my hype for fortuna has already died but still want to play it other then that keep up the work DE

  14. Why can't you revive the Arbitration defence target anymore ( or is it just Rhino who can't ) , twice bitten I'll be giving it a miss for now .

  15. Ninjas play for free

  16. For everyone who isn’t watching and wondering about fortuna they haven’t said anything about it aside from they are working on it

  17. Also Danielle is so pretty, most WF devs are

  18. Just give me that Gara Tennogen skin 🙁

  19. You won't get a good enough answer for that Fortuna update for any console. There is still no eta as of yesterday's stream and I'm sure that hasn't changed…

  20. Fortuna PS4 ??

  21. Game is dead af right now

  22. Where the Ps4 Fortuna update? It better not take a month

  23. @ 2:58 Stream starts

    @ 4:54 Fortuna & others news (there is not a date yet i saving you some time)

    @ 10:11 Scoliac's obsidian skin

    @ 17:02 Gameplay starts ( it ends at 56:47 )

    @ 55:47 Winner of the Chroma prime access (if you're interested, the 2nd one at 1:01:51)
    @ 59:06 Other giveaways
    @ 1:00:34 Other community replies ( Fortuna dynamic theme for free )

    And that's all.. cheers 🙂

  24. Fortune ps4 pleaseeeeeee!

  25. Where is freakin ps4 update

  26. Yo what's the frame on the thumbnail?!

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