Warframe | PS4 @ 4 — 3/19/2019

Warframe | PS4 @ 4 — 3/19/2019

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  1. I don’t know if they read YouTube chat but incase you do : with the release of melee 3.0 whilst using exalted blade activating operator mode cause all your weapons to be unusable for a while .

  2. You should try to make warframe to be as famous as fortnite so that it can be more interesting. But also we as the people playing it should also try giving them a hand by introducing the game to others too

  3. Thx DE realy good job on lowering the gap between pc and console updates release. It's almost synchronised now. Again a proof of respect for players. You're realy on the right and best track to last realy realy long in my time of play.

  4. And when is the update of buried debts in ps4?

  5. Danielle is thicc, like Hildryn

  6. we need more riven slot

  7. Who is this chick?

  8. ? Ponytails yay

  9. who else can't wait?

  10. Audio and video aren't synched at the first 15ish minutes same goes for the xbox 1 @ 1 video

  11. 53:36 Danielle dropped as the song dropped.

  12. Здарова чурке, че када экви?

  13. How do so many dont know who baro is.

  14. reform chat mod and GOL

  15. At 19:20 Since when was Reveant a girl WTF it looks like a guys body type

  16. Chat bubble for better social engagement.

  17. Danielle looks like hyldrin

  18. My peen is a bigboi! ;D

  19. 18:00 Directly relatable. I've been casually trying to get Zephyr Prime's blueprint for over a month, it just won't drop. Got a lot of other gets in the process though.

  20. Ember rework?

  21. Wait so Revenant is a Vampire but not a Vampire? Nani?!

  22. [DE] Danielle looks like a scornful smile turned into a person.

  23. Warframe the best game ohh yeahhh!!!!!!

  24. Who keeps chasing ya’ll’s preview thumbnails? Either they don’t like you guys or it’s a running gag.

  25. No entendí nada pero supongo que dijo cosas buenas 😀


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