Warframe — PS4 / XB1 FORTUNA 2.0 Update 24.2.9 — Supersized Tac Update time!!

Warframe — PS4 / XB1 FORTUNA 2.0 Update 24.2.9 — Supersized Tac Update time!!

[ad_1] Here we are Xbox & PS4 Tenno, Fortuna 2.0 via Update 24.2.9 is here!! I cover all the highlights from this massive update including a new frame, old frame changes, new weapons, old weapon changes and the usual additions, subtractions, updates, changes and fixes you can expect from a Warframe update!


NOTE: During the early stages of the video I said the following about the Gravimags: «now while we’re looking at the orb bounties here, take notice of phase 3 bounty, as the first (and only) time of completing this particular bounty, you’ll receive a gravimag.»

To avoid confusion, you will receive a fully made Gravimag after completing your first Phase 3 Orb Bounties (you won’t receive a fully made Gravimag for subsequent Phase 3 Orb bounty completions).

You can get additional Gravimags by either researching then building the blueprints or buying additional Gravimags with Platinum from the Marketplace.

Apologies if that bit confused anyone.


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Archguns & Gravimags:

Conservation 2.0:

Exergis Shotty:

Flox Syandana:

Baruuk before:

Baruuk after:

Warframe Augment mods:



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Background music in the video comes from the magnificent Popskyy. Not to put too finer point on it but Popskyy makes fantastic music and is also extremely generous with how Streamers / Youtubers can use his musical creations.

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PS4 24.2.9:

PS4 Controller changes:

XB 24.2.9:

Physique Aura Mod:

Ember & Frost Prime Unvaulted Announcement:

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  1. Basically add 5 minutes to the standing farming
    And free credits

  2. I'm going to be serious. You are one of the most dedicated Warframe channels out there. So underrated. I hope you get more subscribers and good luck to you.

  3. @Luktorce , I may be mistaken, but aren't you the guy who use to upload total war vids?

  4. Idk why but I love the way you word your sentences

  5. We're is fortuna for switch :[

  6. Awesome news update. Tried profit taker with rhino and got shredded. Tried with Inaros and failed after 30mins when the final phase timer ran out. Kinda happy it's not 'THAT' easy.

  7. This was a great update. Another awesome vid bro.

  8. such an underrated warframe channel

  9. One of few Warframe channels i watch, thanks for the rundown 😀

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