Warframe — Quick Look At: Grattler (2 Forma)

Warframe — Quick Look At: Grattler (2 Forma)

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  1. The projectile speed is soo slow on this weapon, it looks cool though.

  2. I just have thiss weapon for archwing, its fine just have her or i need try for another one?

  3. Phadera

  4. @MCGamerCZ how long do you take to complete the spider boss with inaros ? I'm just curious. Btw I really liked the video , and waiting for more arch gun videos

  5. Where is the best location to farm archwing mods? I only have a very few of them atm.

  6. I can't wait for some dumb fun with the grattler.

  7. I need mods for my grattler

  8. Normally I won't care so much about archwing weapons but with this update, I welcome archwing weapons with open arms.
    Thanks for the video

  9. Make a video on where/how to get the good archwing mods

  10. Now that the orb heists are live on consule I'm wondering if archguns are good for eidolon hunts.

  11. i am into archwing very recently loved the video can you plz do a fluctus build video

  12. I just want orokin catalyst 🙁

  13. Where is a good place to farm arch mods for weapons?

  14. What about the new 60/60 archwing mods?

  15. Great video. We need more archwing videos

  16. I tried to make the Grattler work, but it's just an inferior weapon (probably because it's easier to make?). It doesn't compare to the Corvas at all, and it's weaker than the Fluctus (if you can get the shots to not just throw zeros… DE please fix, thanks).

  17. Hello, absolutely usefull video, just wanted to understand everything, what ammo do archgun use, and you need the device to equip your archgun in regular missions, but what do you exactly need?

    Are you abligated to do the quest and all, or can you just buy the device on the market, equip it tou your archgun and then grofit?

  18. The reason the damage goes "Haywire" when you fire at enemies directly is because the Grattler has a default Punch Through of 5.0.
    The shots just pierce through enemies and by the time they explode, the enemies aren't in range of the blast.
    I made a forum post about the issue, which you can find at https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1057574-the-grattler-issue-for-ground-missions/
    Hopefully with enough attention DE will notice the problem and make some changes when they fix the issues people have been having with arch-guns.

  19. I'd like to see a video on the Phaedra. I used to run Grattler for the longuest time, and I hated the Imperator (probably because I didn't have good mods), so I picked the Phaedra as my next weapon because it so pretty. It's no Grattle in terms of raw power, but it has a satisfying "brrrrrt" sound, like the gun on an A-10 Thunderbolt's tank buster gun.

  20. Imo it's a good idea for you to make arch guns content, there is not much of it here, so it would be appreciated.

  21. Oh ill watch anything you post it dont matter XD


  23. Now I can be heavy weapons tenno

  24. out of content are we

  25. Dual Decurion next please.

  26. imperator vandal pls 😀

  27. i want to be top level fortuna but i dont want to see those fugly faces

  28. I don't care what anyone says, I like Archwing.

  29. Please make video how to farm archwing mods

  30. Imperator vandal, probably the best for PT

  31. Imperator Vandal is the best for me for the Profit-Taker!

  32. Please do one on the Velocitus! ☺️

  33. 6 dislike from destiny

  34. Need more Arch gun videos, please.

  35. why cold instead of the dual stat to bump the rad damage higher? is it just because cold still gives more dmg overall?

  36. this was my alternative to not having imperatot vandal and it got me through like no other, going for the fluctus next.

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