Warframe: Reworks They Cometh — Nyx & Titania

Warframe: Reworks They Cometh — Nyx & Titania

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  2. They're not confirmed, they put them on the dev forum so we can give feedback. Having to charge the "minion" (nyx) personally think it's too time consuming to be worth it

  3. Nyx sounds like she is going to be pretty OP, only thing is her passive seems to go counter to her Absorb.

  4. which weapon is that

  5. -Nyx' 4 requires her to get shot to be useful
    DE: Let's make it 10 times more useless with her new passive
    What the fuck DE?

  6. I still hope that in Archwing mode any pets would remain or else full moon is still useless.

  7. So the new Nyx can cancel auras…

    Does this also go for the animus ones?

  8. Biggest problems those frames have is horrible enemy AI (Nyx) and archwing controls (Titania). Why even focus on the other abilities? This won't make them more popular or useful… yeah, I clearly want to waste my time creating a braindead super minion…

  9. Dude your amazing i just watch your update 2h ago and now you made a more detailed one… love your vids

  10. steve wonder enemies? savage lvl 9000 haha (proceeds to jam off to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CFuCYNx-1g )

  11. Will you ever cover the proposed changes to Chroma on the forums by Endrian, Potato?

  12. Still not happy, the Dragon King himself is still in slumber, he needs the ancient power of the Rework God to fully use his powers

  13. Meh…

  14. Hopefully Psychic Bolts becomes the new Seeking Shuriken.

  15. I just hope they change Vauban's 1 into a turret that uses sentinel weapons


  17. Still no razor flies respawn

  18. Spider = Arachnid = 8 Legs. (it may be 6, i forgot.. please correct me if im wrong)
    Orbs = 4 Legs = Not an Arachnid = Technically they aren't even Spiders

  19. I'm just happy there's an incentive to press 1 and 2 as Nyx. Also if the 2nd skill's armor removal component scales with power strength, it'll be very nice. Atm you can run negative strength nyx with relatively little to no cost since her other abilities don't benefit much from it. It would make building her much more interesting than just mass chaos CC while walking inside your god bubble

  20. Nyx is good, she only really needed tweaks to her kit to bring it up to par, which they seem to have done. Good that her 2 is no longer useless.
    While it's good that Titania's Tribute no longer needs ramp up, every single buff outside of Dust is garbage. Thorns? Worthless. Entangle? Meh. Fullmoon? Meh.
    Lantern change? Meh.
    Razorwing change? Should have been implemented to all archwings from the get go, I'm not congratulating DE for doing something that should have been there on Titania's RELEASE.

    I'm still waiting on changes to trash/useless frames like Vauban and Wukong.
    Wukong has a single gimmick: not dying, something that a lot of other frames can achieve while still having interesting kits.
    Vauban had a single gimmick: being a crowd control god, something that was phased out when raids were removed and something that is added to each new/reworked warframe.
    Vauban needs to have his Tesla replacing Bounce Pad on his Mine-layer ability and be given a completely new ability, preferably one that buffs his and his allies' survivability. Not that Mine-layer would be good anyway because why would you waste 50 energy casting something that CC's enemies in such a small area when you could cast Bastille or Vortex, which last longer and have much more range?

  21. "Can still chaos"


  22. Still waiting for my boy Booben to get a rework


  24. i can feel the fire

  25. Changes are great, but those titania skills are still completely overshadowed by razorwing.

  26. Why is your "No Papa No" spitting out green spluge?

  27. this isnt a rework lol its a straight upgrade, if this goes ahead as is i will put fairy queen titania up from 4-3 in my top 5

  28. i dont like nyx new passive that much

  29. Get ready for nyx prime to sell on trade for 600p……

  30. I still hope they fix that mind controlled enemies like revenent, nidus and nyx dont count as enemies and block defense missions

  31. I was hoping for something more dramatic. This is more tuning than "rework."

  32. Honestly titania changes are ones that should have been implemented to her week after release. These just put her at ok now. The Tribute changes make no sense still considering how squishy of a frame she is.
    As for nyx I don't know. Depends how absorb will work if you can become a nuke with it. As for mind control I don't have high hopes for it. It's still enemy base damage that is getting multiplied. Also gotta take in account enemy AI as well. Psychic bolts can be good if you can get it to 100% if not it's just really mediocre besides killing infested auras. And enemies will never kill each other under effect of her chaos ability no matter how much that post there wants it to happen when it comes to higher levels.

  33. Nyx was my first prime when I started playing years ago. Her 1 sounds good and I'm glad to see psychic bolts get some love. Not sure how viable they will be negative power strength builds for chaos range CC.

  34. max duration for blitzwing in one cast would be nice too. still depending on your power duration of course.

  35. Stripping armour is great! Shame it's attached to Psychic Bolts…

  36. Honestly this whole pass over is a joke. All of these changes seem antiquated. Realistically nyx should have had a a cone for her one we re e she hits multiple enemies bolts is so pointless when compared to chaos that already removes eximus auras. And the passive is kinda ok overkill when she already has a bodyguard and mass confusion. They could have just made her unaffected by eximus abilities or even create a small around her that negates the effects of eximus

  37. 1 Nyx with the mind control augment, 1 Harrow, 1 Rhino, 1 Volt, 4x tigris prime on a Heavy Gunner…Just imagine

  38. >No more banging your little Titania
    God dammit

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