Warframe: Spiderlons? Fortuna & Song, GunZaws, Venus Open World & Everything You Need To Know.

Warframe: Spiderlons? Fortuna & Song, GunZaws, Venus Open World & Everything You Need To Know.

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Everything you need to know about Venus Open World & it’s Hub Fortuna

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Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world. [ad_2]

19 комментариев

  1. New logo number 33 lmfao…. this will also be my in game glyph soon.

  2. "heh do you even…., "WE ALL LIFT BRO!!"….im sorry"

  3. I doubt that they will put primary weapons.

  4. Sometimes its easy to forget this is still just a f2p game. The amount of detail that goes into updates is amazing

  5. Limbo : sees gentleman Moa

  6. They need to add more animals on earth like bears be in the cave and some dears

  7. God dam that song is good

  8. This is going to be a biiig ass dowload, weapons, mods, companions bosses and cetus 3.0 with story…

  9. When is it coming out because I want to get the corpus shotgun

  10. Spiders have 8 lags not 4 lol

  11. I'm new to Warframe, and i kinda want to know what the Warframe they were playing as was, and can you get it for free?

  12. Does anyone know if we will be able to make dual wield kit guns?

  13. I just want a future update where our operators go through some kind of process that allows them to gain new abilities through their void connection and finally age up to an appropriate age. And i'm not just saying that cause i want them to grow up (although it is something i'd like to see, especially if it involves facial hair, like a friggin handlebar moustache or a badass beard), i feel like where their abilities are at right now they feel a lot like childish trinkets. I feel like through any number of ways, like falling into a void rift or limbo (pun absolutely intended) with it's own space-time, they should give the operators a quest or storyline where they fall into it and instantly a (terminator style) ball of energy builds up and explodes as it fades to black. Then we wake up in our orbiter wondering what the hell just happened in a mess of long hair and a more developed body type (which for the sake of customisation they should allow us to chose between at least 3 or 4 different ones based on muscle mass and whether we made a male or female operator). After some grooming (cough* operator refashioning cough* cough*) of the hair the rest of the quest/quests is us remembering our time in that rift as we "struggled" to survive void entities and creatures. Thus we effectively rediscover new powers through our recovering memories such as a "Spartans Rage/berserker-esk" void demon form that clads us in void energy for a duration of time dealing damage that can be increased or altered through the focus system. In general i just want the operators to have a better purpose in the middle of battle than being an energy charger when our warframes run out, but also i kinda just want them to look like badass adults rather than a lore focused character that i almost never use.

  14. Well, can't wait for full dive warframe now

  15. Kitguns, Moas, AND HOVERBOARDS!!!! but mostly the kitguns cuz idk y but i love making and using zaws.

  16. I’m already trying to think of what the next open world is gonna be like. Maybe mars.

  17. Anyone know the exact colors on that mag?

  18. Watching this game grow makes me feel like i'm gonna have a real 'I played back when' claim to fame.

  19. Really hate that i cant put all of my stuff, including misa prime syandana n targis p, from console onto pc…. even if it were just a one trip only switch… i cry

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