Warframe Tenno Clock #263 — «Is Fortuna really ready?»

Warframe Tenno Clock #263 — «Is Fortuna really ready?»

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0:48:39 — T2
1:01:34 — T3

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  1. Not sure if they read the comments here but has Xeno & Loz seen the Old Mate Solaris spoilers yet?

  2. Hi, gift me your glyph code Xbox, and srry i dont speak english :]

  3. K drives have a place along side archwings I'll admit there is some movement changes ide make to kdrives but they are useful for when u have to go in caves and if u could fish and mine from a kdrives but not an archwings there even more usecase there

  4. oh no, I hope you feel better soon LOz.

    14:00 oh I don't know, I think its perfectly acceptable to ask what people would like as patreon rewards.

    22:20 yeah I'm with Xeno on this, I love the idea of warframe abilities working together and merging, but I think it'd be too much work for DE.

    mountain/mountain — never let it die.

    36:10 I really agree with topic 1, the new laser drill out classes all the old ones, that were harder to get. you know what would fix that? make one laser drill and have the upgrades be widgets. (I know you guys have talked about this and I agree wholeheartedly).

    40:23 Xeno! don't shoot the nidus tentacles. that's so rude.

    somebody needed to say something. (30% kidding)

    44:15 MDRLOz asked if you can use the venus laser drill on earth, and yes, you can.

    you can either drill in both places.

    50:45 I've experienced this stun locked scenario. not for quite 7 seconds like LOz suggested but it is pretty annoying.

    1:00:00 yeah, I've found the Toroids on the floor before. (the things for the Vox standing).

    1:17:40 I laughed at "On Console, send help" thank you.

    Excellent community shoutouts this week Xeno.

    1:34:40 hahaha, yeah I remember the snake magic LOz was on about.

    great episode guys. keep up the good work.

    P.S. I just want to say again I love the banter between you guys at the end credits XD

  5. 1:30:18 thats not banshee thats trinity, is the dream (meta) team for tridolon hunt, and she is healing chroma because he self damage to oneshot the eidolon (part)

  6. 44:30 yes you can use the drill from venus in cetus

  7. card request
    do you do bounties solo or public:
    A: all the time
    B: only high levels
    C: mostly solo
    D: yes, but only with friends

  8. The Warframe version of "card games on motorcycles" is "Komi on K-drives". I would have said lunaro but it'd more akin to quidditch if it were played on k-drive or archwing

  9. Newer players will still find a use for the K-drive due to it being a free reward after completing the Vox Solaris quest, while if they wanted a Archwing launcher they would need to have researched and/or bought it in the Tenno lab in the Dojo. Just my two cents on the topic.

  10. they should let your fish from your k-drive

  11. So about the K-Drive vs Archwing issue: K-Drive is more fun, Archwing is more efficient. K-Drive is free from the start, Archwing needs a quest and a little grind for the launcher. I feel they complement each other nicely and they both have a place and a time. I use them both and I feel they're both fun, I don't see a problem with that.
    When doing bounties most people use Archwing because they want to grind the bounties efficiently. I'm cool with that, how do you want to deploy into combat? on a Black Hawk or a skateboard? Skateboard is for fun, Black Hawk is for combat transport.
    In any case, forcing players into using K-Drive doesn't feel like a good idea to me.
    Maybe allowing fishing and mining from K-Drive would be a good idea, placing hotspots deep into lakes, going faster from node to node, etc.

  12. 1:03:30 One thing i gotta add to this is that Kdrives take WAY TOO MUCH XP TO MAX. With a booster took me almost 2 hours, it was almost 800k total xp. that's insane! its over a warframe by like 400k total xp. and worse still, we are limited by 3k xp per trick. its so bad that i dont know how i am going to level up all 3 boards. (Also… the rep requirements to build one are beyond expensive, for 50~ plat you get a built one straight away, and 50plt is so much easier to farm)

  13. Just checking was this video supposed to be released on a Wednesday afternoon (UK time) or has YouTube messed it up again, it used to be on a Monday.

  14. Here's my list of things that need some attention in Fortuna:

    1. Need more enemy energy spawns during excavations missions.
    2. K-Drive is wrong for this terrain. Archwing actually has a purpose! K-Drive works great on PoE though!
    3. Enemy spawn rates during extermination mission bounty stages need to be increased.
    4. Fish spawn rates need to be adjusted.
    5. Still kind of glitchy. Bugs need to be worked out.
    6. Glad it's out, but there needs to be more content.

  15. 34:30 was talking about this to someone else and we arrived on the agreement that the rock guy would take the 3 mining lasers and combine it into the sundril maybe a blueprint that uses all of them, now that would make the most sense thematically because one of the voice lines indicates that the corpus banned them from mining as a hobby and frankly you dont want to give powerful weapons to your slaves, aka: what is the grineer
    another option might be 3 blueprints for sales that convert the cetus drills into widgets for the sundrill sinces it makes sense that fortuna would have better tech but limited

  16. I think when the temperature goes "freezing" on Orb Valis it should render archwings useless to be able to use k-drives. That should make sense.

  17. 23:18 limbo time stop if i remember correctly resists all effect except status and even then it stops status timers, so an ability that relies on moving enemies like nidus it does hurt cause nidus wants stacks but on warframes that rely on status effects eg: damage equinox (cause slash) it helps tremendously

  18. 18:55 — Could call it clando instead of endo……. Ill show myself out now.
    46:20 — Just tested this statement out, I was able to get Sentirum from the plains using the Sunpoint Plasma Drill (Fortuna laser). I've also found that aiming for the center area of the box that shows up on the circle is considered the sweet spot. I've been hitting it on 1 point nodes and getting the full resources.

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