Warframe — TennoCon 2018: Fortuna Update Reveal Trailer | PS4

Warframe — TennoCon 2018: Fortuna Update Reveal Trailer | PS4

[ad_1] Get your first look at Warframe’s next free open-world update — Fortuna! Coming 2018!

Learn more on the Warframe website:

Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Violence

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  1. MA GAD

  2. Im not getting the update on the game like i downloaded it but its not showing up on warframe can anybody help please

  3. How much would I have paid for this as DLC if this was not Warframe?

  4. 2 0 19 mars

  5. No way!

  6. Warframe der Destiny Killer

  7. When will it be out?


  9. it's amazing how in the comments appear warframe players to welcome new members to the community, im Mr 20 — 850 hrs

  10. It's bout to get real out here on these Tenno Screetz.

  11. This game gets better and better

  12. Are we ever going to get other quest with corpus?

  13. Can't believe this free game shatted on Destiny, I like it more then destiny no doubt

  14. I'll wait for the updated map to come out.

  15. Sikerim destinyi

  16. i have chills now

  17. Now with better aim

  18. DE is pure evil. How am I supposed to play other games now?

  19. 2018 take my money now

  20. Looks cool. Might give warframe a shot. Currently still into destiny once in a while.

  21. What character is that, the white one ?

  22. These developers are so committed to their game and show so much love to their community, if you guys haven't picked up Warframe you should pick it up now, just imagine where it's going to be in another year or two.

  23. Am I the only one here who's really starting to get annoyed by the "RIP Destiny" comments? I mean, really, people? Is that all you have to say? We get it, you consider Warframe to be better than Destiny. Regardless of whether that's true or not, it's really starting to get old. It's almost like you love Warframe exclusively because it's a better game than Destiny, not because of the actual game itself.

  24. Who is that song?

  25. Now… make it crossplatform

  26. We need a moon colony

  27. I’m a 2 year player and this game just keeps getting better and better

  28. I know this is a free to play games and it looks really fun, but do I have to spend real money to advance in the game and is it pay to win? Excuse my ignorance

  29. Not until Dec. If we're lucky. They even said in angry Joe interview.

  30. I need to memorize this song!

  31. Best free game

  32. Will playstation allow cross save with the Switch? That is the big question.

  33. This song is so catchy

  34. This is definitely the runaway child of borderlands and destiny.

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