Warframe: The Kreska | Its a Machete

Warframe: The Kreska | Its a Machete

[ad_1] This is the Kreska It is a machete and it came with Warframes fortuna update.

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  1. Guys i defeated the boss at fossa 6 times still got zero loot can u explain

  2. Iflynn DE Megan just roasted you on live stream. Oof

  3. hey how do you start or have a refresh warframe in ps4

  4. Cyclone kraken drops from Dekata on kuva fortress after finding all caches

  5. Kraken’s other combos have a bunch of forced slash procs and multipliers/multihits. Machetes still aren’t stellar but there is more than a button mash

  6. How do you have that cool effect on your weapon

  7. Gimme some dat Plat xD

  8. Hay man or any one i made Loki but i am not happy i am looking for more demage tipe so i wanna make Ash.But i dont know place where parts drop. And Chroma,what juctions parts drop ?? Can someone halp me

  9. Why are you talking about that weapon while there soo so so much content in the game right now i don't understand you…

  10. DE just hates machetes

  11. With the amount of capacity you had left looks like you can get away with 2 forma

  12. yes very nice

  13. you could say its a MEHchatte

  14. Just use the Gazal Machete.

  15. 9:29 they literally dabbed

  16. Just waiting for melee 3.0

  17. Love vids

  18. I have a question, can you speak louder? Or put the mic closer? Because you are the only youtuber that I have to have full volym just to listen to you. If it's not much, please do

  19. Eyy

  20. Why does it look like a scythe?

  21. 52nd

  22. What's up Flynn

  23. You hack

  24. love you keep up the good work ma

  25. 60

  26. Second

  27. First

  28. 1st

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