Warframe — The Weird Things in Fortuna

Warframe — The Weird Things in Fortuna

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The head in the stomach is not fake, they Fortuners will show u their head when u maxed the lvl of ur standing.
When I saw the head in their stomach, i had a thought of giving up farming standing.
Song: Joakim Karud — Enjoy

MEME Song: Dirty Rush and Gregor Es — Brass

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  1. Dude,china will be proud of what u did

  2. 0:18 are there really ppl who have to farm curcuits?

  3. They are Kraangs

  4. I fcking love the Ali a intro part

  5. lift together lmao

  6. 好意思吗,机器人语音。。

  7. You sound like a bot

  8. Thumbs up for making me laugh when I wasn't expecting it

  9. Как же это охуенно. Need 10 hours version meme song.

  10. Is that the daily bonus armor? Damn it looks pretty good

  11. That's not wierdest, I got the giant spidy thingy in 4 tuna.

  12. you should have pointed out the levers too

  13. Where is your global warframe glyph 🙁

  14. Also the Vent kids have their heads reattached to their bodies, if you look closely at these kids you'd see there is a thin pipe replacing their necks between their heads and bodies, who would cut off a child's head and reattach it again?? what a sick thought of DE!

  15. 0:15 raw footage of working in the grind fields.

  16. An actual good recommendation from YouTube for once! Great video, keep it coming :D!

  17. How do you have so much kuva? I run kuva survival is that for the best? Also I'm in love with the Zarr and I have a riven for it but I'm not too sure what I should be looking for.

  18. This is what I subbed for XD
    Better content the DE XD

  19. part 2 ^^

  20. 1:30 can someone make a full "we all lift together" cover plz? xD

  21. Just watching this cuz got spoiled by Tactital Potato

  22. Do cheekin breekin damk with those guys

  23. Best fortunait review ever

  24. Wait a minute that little vid with the pc in the trash was the same model I have

  25. How do you u even get such a idea for the video, seriously though it's awesome.

  26. Remember when kids used to make Youtube Poops back in 2000's?
    Well now look what they make as adults. Quality content!

  27. Always I asked myself why they're pounding ground

  28. Now when I look at this it reminds me a one of the aliens from TMNT

  29. Hahha, I died so hard

  30. Aaand thanks for the spoil.
    Put a warning ffs

  31. the best !

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