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Warframe — Toroid Farming Guide

Warframe — Toroid Farming Guide

It’s not great but it’s what we got for now

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23 комментария

  1. there's a pretty quick route for wisps that nets you around 7 (like a 2 minutes route i think)

  2. Y

  3. Can someone tell me what armor peices he is using on his shoulders

  4. how much money would i have to donate to see brozime do this for a few hours

  5. still farming cetus wips -.-

    Come on DE! Farming 3 sindicates in fortuna? -.-

  6. What would be the estimated amount of time before I would have to start rolling for sanity damage?

  7. Will subscribe if you stop saying "neck-ross".

  8. I do 12 caves in 8 mins, and always get at least 4 (granted with a booster) and sometimes get up to 8. I have gotten less, but its rare

  9. Soooo, no point in farming toroids as a solo player. Gonna have to shell out another fucking week of my time to get Old Mate (already pissed you need max rank for the bounties) and then an additional two or three days to get to Baruuks rank and thats NOT counting the standing needed to get the parts. DE messed this one up real good.

  10. I solo farm toroids when farming ores!

  11. 7:20 TEmpura Noodle farm start

  12. I honestly think that Adaptation is stronger than Health Conversion in most situations, amplified by the existence of Arcane Guardian. Due to the fact that Adaptation stacks multiplicative with armour, while more armour gives diminishing returns.

  13. solo spelunking isn't as bad as your first experience. My first run (using different route) got me 9 in about 30 minutes. better than finding a group of people that go down non stop plus i can listen to podcasts

  14. (outdated)

  15. Why can't you just solo farm outside the bases with a nekros? Do the enemies really scale that high?

  16. God the salt…

  17. Luckily I do hate myself. I went through the bo3 story solo on realistic on my first playthrough. It was hell but now nothing can frustrate me.(literally one bullet kills you btw.)

  18. I saw your corinth and had to stop the video just to stare at it for a solid minute, cause damn that looks nice.

  19. I farmed all the toriods needed to craft garuda and it wasn't that bad

    (Screaming Internally)

  20. Tip for Smeeta Kavat, don't use Fetch and pick up loot you want doubled when buff activates.

  21. Honestly kind of pissed with BugFrame, don't even bother with this content 2 hours of farming 50+ toroids just erased on returning to Fortuna, only receiving credits. (The whole team got this)

    Ahhh I'm so pissed that two hours amounted to nothing…When Warframe bugs out, it's always the reason why I don't play for months it crushes your will to bother playing.

  22. Apparently you have the worst luck in the solo mode. I did it for maybe 1hr, most of that learning what and where, and I was happy enough with the overall results. I averaged ~1 for every 3 caves. There is/was a good video showing the exact span points in the various caves so you dont need to watch your radar like a hawk. I was also only doing it to craft the new frame, I ddnt even know about the operator rep person. For that kind of bulk quantity I agree solo mode is bad, I just think you overplayed how bad it is a bit.

    Thanks for the videos. Keep up the excellent work!

  23. Dude, do you know about the existence of Ivara? she can easy solo farms 20+ toroids per hour.

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