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Thank you for watching! Hopefully, I’ll see you on my next video. 😉


Warframe Fortuna

Fortuna is a Corpus colony located on Venus. Built within a massive underground cavern beneath Orb Vallis, it is home to the Solaris, a population of body augmented debt-slaves working for Nef Anyo. [ad_2]

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  1. Are you secretly a Cephalon?

  2. You BETTER be a partner. You are by far the most respectful and helping Warframe YouTuber I have seen. You shed light on frames like Revenant and Nyx, proving they can be amazing. I will always support you Squad Leader. 🙂

  3. I want Neo back

  4. The equilibrium , despoil and health conversion set up is the exact same build I’ve been running with for quite a while now. I can’t imagine using him for much else because it works so well.

  5. Can anybody explain to me why you would need more than 10 forma( 1 per slot) is needed

  6. Squad leader, my nekros build is maxed range, maxed efficiency and any duration I can get with despoil,primed flow and whatever I can get into health. My nekros is built for CC but mainly to soul punch every fucken enemy to another planet or to my dojo. I had a friend play human tennis with me in orb vallis. The best shots are when you soul punch a enemy into a rock and he bounces off in a 30 degree angle. He can fly 350m+. My nekros has ruined many public vox Solaris/POE missions because I soul punch enemies that need to die 300m away from area. My nekros synergies great with a mag who has maxed range pull. You can definitely play that song push and pull. Another fun game is baseball! Spec your sibear with blast and channeling and line up enemies. Have a nekros soul punch and pray your channeled swing connects cause it’s awesome! Double rag doll ftw. Posted my video of a small soul punch fun on discord

  7. I literally have the EXACT same build except creeping terrify is replaced with shield of shadows and made a video about it a few weeks ago.

  8. Friede great scythe… what a great reference

  9. Gotta love Equilibrium on a Despoil Nekros.

  10. I run a similar build for group farm missions, but I add overextended since creeping terrify works well even with low strength. The shadows are annoying to teammates, and loading up strength for the augment will tank your range.

  11. Yes your no longer abusing him for loot

  12. You're a dark souls fan I see

  13. Nekros niiiiicccccccceeeeeee!!!

  14. Nice build for sure. Might try it for that armor redux, but currently Shield of Shadows is bae and with a Bezerker/Blood Rush/Body Count/Corrosive Guandao I can't ask for more. I'd like to try and get a Solid Reaper Prime or Hate build going, since I just got both of them recently. But I want to wait for Melee 3.0 to be in full effect before I commit too much forma to them.

  15. Is there different from normal warframe and prime frame I really want volt and nekros and i can build them but i said i want prime but they took long time to back again if there no big different i will builld normal one

  16. Despoil + Equilibrium is my favorite Nekros

    But back then, Self Reviving through your summoned Ancient Healer through Shadows of the Dead is the top tier Nekros.

  17. Interesting video idea… Non meta build that are still end game viable

  18. Swap out umbral mods for max blind rage, and shield of shadows, swap health conversion for adaptation, boom your build is good, although low flow will hurt its workable

  19. I also like this build, but nullifiers and arbitration drones ruin the fun, their friends oneshot you while immune to warframe abilities.
    On the other hand, shield of shadows work inside nullie bubbles (as long the shadows themselves are outside), so does adaptation and health conversion, so you only need to recast desecrate after going into the bubble to smash the greedy milk out of their face.

  20. Please let me know your melee weapon!!!

  21. You get a serious "thank you" from me; I was JUST thinking about doing something like this, but wasn't sure what mod setup to use without crippling range or duration!

  22. looks like a fun build honestly… ive always thought the more meta builds for nekros made him clunky

  23. Personally, I like more my build then this…

  24. That is almost identical to the build setup i run and have run only: Exilus should ALWAYS be Handspring (or PSF if you for some reason want to sink more forma), Stretch is not needed when doing melee nerkos (be it galatine, atterax, zaw or gram) thus adding adaptation in there is nice, Arcane Pulse ends up being worse than Arcane Guardian for longer survival levels. Pox with 100% status corrosive/cold and any slash primary ofc being there to round out the kit. 3 forma is the requirement for non-umbral (where you can freely swap aura and exilus around), 4 for PSF, 5 for umbral setup.

  25. We love your efforts brother … keep it up never stop

  26. Hey guess what I’m the 100th comment

  27. Would the plague keewar be a good substitute for the zaw?

  28. Wow cant wait to try this out thanks squad leader

  29. I've been doing a screech build since I got Creeping Terrify, it's fun to just walk around with a big slow stick and slash down everyone while they run away.

  30. No news this time… XD

  31. Was I the only one who thinks of Dark Souls 3 and sister Friede when I heard about the great scythe?

  32. terrify is really expensive to cast. could also use rage/hunter adrenaline… but i tried terrify builds and ended up just going back to standard nekros even without shadows because terrify is just too expensive and…. you are either babysitting shadows or you are babysitting terrify…

  33. Do you use a text to speech converter?

  34. I am surprised that this mod has not been pointed out sooner. I have been using it for months now. The only thing left that I would like to see out of Zaws is a Sword & Shield weapon. Just got the Final Harbinger stance recently, and cannot get enough of it.

  35. Probably a better team build then other nek builds.

  36. 15 forma…
    user has left the chat

  37. Its kinda weird that u are talking about what some people use and that was basically ur last video set up

  38. Great video

  39. Nekros builds hmm?

  40. Yoooo, i play nekros the same.

  41. Wait, Despoil triggers Equilibrium? That's… terrifying (pun intended).

  42. best 2019 tenno amp video when?

  43. Been running this on Nekros for a while, long before the Umbral mods came out. Done right it's great for sortie missions with increased enemy armor.

  44. I love using this nekros for kuva. My arcanes are different but basically the same setup for a long time.

  45. 21.75m, not worth a mod slot . . . A tank nekros has better CC range and survivability.

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