Warframe: Welcome to Fortuna! KitGuns and Moas! in 4K 60FPS

Warframe: Welcome to Fortuna! KitGuns and Moas! in 4K 60FPS

[ad_1] Long time no see! Sorry for not positing for a while, I’ve been having too much fun playing this fantastic update and working on this video sponsored by DE themselves to help you understand all things Kitguns and those cute Moas!

Go play Warframe Fortuna right now! —

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  1. The footage in the video is from a temp dev build with expiry, so I'm just flexing rented glory ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    NO ONE can outrun the grind! 😀 Also Security Override has the cutest moa animation!

  2. hey, im the guy who said was gonna check out ur channel from the sanctuary onslaught with the other guy who said he likes ur lazy builds

  3. How you been since the bike accident?

  4. Lovely editing, thanks so much for the vid! Hope you continue having fun playing around with the KitGuns & Moas 😀

  5. can we get an editing tutorial?

  6. You make the shiniest of wf videos~

  7. Dude, I have always loved your editing but you killed it on this video.

  8. Distant observer pls do a review and build for nagantaka and akvasto Prime!!

  9. Building a Moa is prolly going to be the last thing I do. Id rather kill shit.

  10. The Fortuna song gives me chills.. it sounds a bit like any song that is played in Vikings

  11. Amazing transitions

  12. Just failed No nut November

  13. We get an R2D2 companion!!! Wat does destiny get? lol

  14. Those 4 sponsored cuck YouTuber dislikes tho lmao

  15. Also just as a reminder not all of the Kitgun parts and Moa parts have been added so just wait for at least the second half of the update to drop

  16. As always, the visuals and info from the Observer never disappoints, pleasing satisfaction hitting the LIKE button

  17. Absolute godly editing, Disney should hire you to make marvel trailers. Side note I think you mixed the pictures for bashrack, deepbreath and splat at 3:33, names look correct tho.

  18. Good video, i really find the effect on the text quite irritating though.

  19. Now that I think about it, Fortuna’s retro style kinda matches your aesthetics

  20. Editing is over 9000

  21. wow, cool new borderland expansion. AWESOME!

  22. As usual, elegant relaying of key information in an entertaining fashion…great vid !

  23. Since the Gaze is a beam will the Gibber grip give it a max rate of fire along with max range?

  24. This video should be stickied on google's homepage.

  25. will there be a garuda video?

  26. Missed your content. You ever going to do any streaming? I was saving my free prime sub for you but gave up after so long.

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