Warframe | Xbox One @ 1 — 28/01/2019

Warframe | Xbox One @ 1 — 28/01/2019

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  1. I'm new to the game, but I already invested over a hundred hours on it. I Love the game but it was a bummer to discover half way through that the character I was most interested in was heavily nearfed with little justification (accordin to some videos), so I ask you, please, rework Chroma and make it shine again =D

  2. Hoping to return after being displaced

  3. Coming back from vacation this week hopefully I arrive in time for the Profit Taker update. See ypu guys soon! 🙂

  4. I was glad about that happy accident I received 500 ducats!!

  5. I just wanna say that I love DE with a passion, because their respect shows no bounds. . .
    BUT the enemy AI needs a rework and I'm well aware that the new difficulty system is being implemented and I'm grateful for that. That's why while its still in development I have a video to share that will hopefully inspire the right implementation of a new AI rework.


  6. Am ps4 player I came for the update on when fortuna 2.0 comes and to see some gameplay

  7. Your actions have consequences…

  8. Video nintendo switch

  9. Chroma rework?

  10. Meegun

  11. Key sword!? KEY SWORD!?……Blasphemy.

  12. Wow she listens to blueface that’s crazy

  13. A more thought through version of Megan's Warframe pitch here. 1st ability creates a toggle-on sphere-shaped area that buffs the numerical values of any Warframe's abilities used within the area. 4th ability is Meg's augment ability. With different effects on each other warframe ability….as long as that Warframe is within range when the ability is cast, each of these frames getting an aura of MIMICS energy color. 2nd ability: Align Energy — tap to cycle 1, 2,, 3, or 4 then aim at a squadmate and copy that corresponding ability with slightly lower numarical values. 3rd ability should be a direct damage with AOE/elemental damage based on which Warframe the 2nd ability has most recently aligned with….eathquakes for Inaros and Atlas, burning meteors for ember and nezha ect, ect. I would call this warframe concept MIMIC!!!!

  14. I'm love that red haired girls tats she's soo cute

  15. I think that all scum everywhere would be offended.

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  17. I would call him Scum, but i am afraid that the scum would be ofended

  18. I have a feeling Josue Corella is a sorry excuse for a human being

  19. I've seen his channel: Crap, just like him. LOL

  20. Josue Corella can't stop talking crap about an awesome game

  21. Even when nobody wants his opinion# Loser

  22. Josue Corella is outdated
    he only says the same old crap all the time

  23. Tomorrow is a huge day! We got Fortuna part 2, Fornite update 7.30 and Kingdom Hearts 3 but the focus for me is KH3

  24. I just came back to Warframe and the community is still awesome. Love yall

  25. 1:09:05
    Oh yeah yeah

  26. When we will get the umbra forma and the omega forma on xbox one?

  27. pro tip: xbOx is just a pc with fixed specs and a controller. U are all plebs. PC MASTERRACE

  28. The9ether420

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