Warframe | Xbox One @ 1 — 3/11/2019

Warframe | Xbox One @ 1 — 3/11/2019

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  1. If you want rework for limbo like

  2. Dat Ghost shirt tho

  3. Шутки за 300, скучный стрим.

  4. A stupid question to ask
    You guys have week reports for Xbox PS4 nintendon but where is the one for Pc or what is it called, cuz for other platforms it clearly says it .

  5. What about the twitch prime

  6. make a mini eidalon that can actually be beaten by weaker bois

  7. Annoying thing is I didn’t know until after the week was over that the kuva survival was its own tile on the fortress, me and my friend tried it on a kuva siphon, failed then thought it’s not worth it

  8. That starter song is awesome whats it called?

  9. Sorry for ASSking but…
    …any news on the Xbox One X patch? Would make a whole bunch of X peeps really happy 🙂

  10. The Orb Vallis is really glitched after the Buried Debts update for PC and needs to be fixed asap.

  11. Chicken Legs was my Moa.

  12. You have been banned from Region chat.

  13. The hell is the starter song called and who’s it by?

  14. Meghan has to be the best I mean she has a Ghost bc T shirt !!!! Megan are you on the square ??!

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