Watch Cowboys players; Zeke, Dak, Tank, celebrate big win over Giants

Watch Cowboys players; Zeke, Dak, Tank, celebrate big win over Giants

[ad_1] Watch the Dallas Cowboys players; Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, Demarcus Lawrence celebrate a big win over rival New York Giants. The Dallas Cowboys now lead NFC east. Go Cowboys!!! Seattle Seahawks next [ad_2]

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  1. Man i miss Witten!

  2. Cowboys 4 life hell yeah

  3. Before this game, alot ppl was saying oh Barkley gonna eat yall up for 150 and Odell gonna burn y'all up…we locked em down and all u hear now is excuses protecting NYG especially ESPN

  4. Well shut me up !

  5. yes indeed… we still dem boyz!

  6. Just love it!

  7. Go cowboys


  9. I know it's only one win but you can't get to 12 wins or how ever many you finish with without winning 1. Let's enjoy this 1 and feed off the energy of the media doubting us every week. They'll get on board soon.

  10. Yup Zeke is starting to get his abs back, 5 more lbs and that some bitch is going to be explosive again!!! Rico got some playing time and if Dak doesn't overthrow him he's got a touchdown! Good TEAM win right there.

  11. 77 has gotta get it going because we have some top defensive players to sign in the future and right now hes just a good ot, not great.

  12. >>>>>>>>>>>DAK HATER FREE ZONE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  13. Wheres the locker room? Ft worth?

  14. Dam Taco look way bigger without his pads on wtf

  15. The fuck was crawford doing? Lol

  16. This was a very crazy Sunday in the NFL. People missing field goals, the Vikings tie game with the Packers, My Cowboys get 6 sacks on Eli Manning… Can't wait to see the Browns play the Jets on MNF.

  17. My brothers!!!

  18. The rookie did awesome 7 tackles 3 last game l.v.e

  19. Very amazing win Dallas Cowboys! I am super happy of my Dallas Cowboys!

  20. Who is tank ??

  21. Anyone else see the monster hit jaylon Smith put on Eli

  22. Editor got a crush on dak

  23. Any updates on Lee?

  24. we finally got a good defense lol

  25. Well Where's All Those Nay Sayers….Dak Can't Throw a Pass Over 10 Yards ! The Defense is Going to Get Torched ! Tavon Austin is Fast But He Can't Catch ! The O-Line is Going to Get Beat by The Blitz ! or They Can't Block for Zeke…………''''CRICKETS ""

  26. This is why you don't doubt Dak

  27. how bout them cowboys

  28. Dem boyssss

  29. GO Cowboys, if they can get at least nine more wins they will have a shot at the playoffs

  30. Fredrick lost a lot of weight poor guy, wish him the best

  31. Yes, way to go ,lets get ready for next week and kick some ass…

  32. Elliott yes baby yes!!! Cowboys!!

  33. told ya to get your popcorn ready LOL

  34. Who are you a fan of Daniel Rodriguez

  35. Must be nice

  36. Give J lewis some snaps please!!!!

  37. Feel good 1 and 1

  38. Go cowboys

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