Watch Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott & Cowboys players celebrate big win over Jaguars

Watch Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott & Cowboys players celebrate big win over Jaguars

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  1. Congratulations to
    Cole Beasley for 100 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns!
    Dak Prescott for leading the Dallas Cowboys to a win!
    Ezekiel Elliott for 100 yards rushing and touchdown!
    Dallas Cowboys Offense and Defense!
    Head Coach and assistance coaches!

  2. Incredible game Dallas Cowboys for the win!. I am proud of the Dallas Cowboys.

  3. If Dak uses his legs more, they’d be good moving forward.

  4. “Stop talking shit about our offense” lol love it

  5. Stephen a smith

  6. As much as we all love this win but let's be real come next week our boys will forget how to play football again!!..hope they prove me wrong tho..

  7. Lve 55 and jaylon 54 have something special. I’m a proud fan.

  8. Shout out to Byron jones we need to get him signed ASAP . He’s playing outstanding cornerback for this defense can’t wait till he gets used to the system .I see him taking a lot of picks to the house . Great technique!

  9. Lmfknao Hahaha GTFOH with that shit! Still got a long way to go. You ain't super bowl material nor are you super bowl bound! Lmfknao Hahaha

  10. I love how the playmakers stayed humble and the scrubs run their mouth.

  11. Is it just me or is David Irving huge

  12. Let’s gl

  13. But skiiiiiuuup!!!

  14. Lets do it next week on the road against the skins ! ….nice game cowboys!

  15. Lol…Tyrone Crawford. If anyone heard Tyrone this week they will know that he's a leader on this team. He's on defense and he's backing up the offense

  16. Yeah buddy!!!! GO COWBOYS!!!

  17. Okay, so we shouldn't go and get our ass beat against Washington right. Tired of the flip floppin shit every week

  18. I hope the offense stays consistent…. Defense has been playing lights out so far thru the season… #GO COWBOYS#!!! Great Win

  19. We need this every fucking week

  20. F… the haters

  21. Dakota running set up the offense for success keep pounding the rock he gets more confident GO COWBOYS

  22. Someone woke up a sleeping beast kept trying to tell yall

  23. Most unexpected win in a long time.

    Good job, Cowboys. 🙂

  24. Yeah go cowboys

  25. First

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