Watch Dallas Cowboys players celebrate a huge win over Atlanta Falcons

Watch Dallas Cowboys players celebrate a huge win over Atlanta Falcons

[ad_1] Watch Dallas Cowboys players celebrate a big big win over Atlanta Falcons. Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Leighton Vander Esch came up big in this second back to back on the road victory. Cowboys are now back in the hunt for the number one spot in the NFC East. [ad_2]

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  1. Prescott celebrating his usual 200 yards passing lol cowboys would be elite with a good pocket passer

  2. Really the only one celebrating was dak

  3. That was Elliotts game no lie but hella of a win cowboys we got another chance next week with Alex Smith out let's get em

  4. Nice win same ol COWBOYS

  5. Lve rookie of the year

  6. I thought Zeke cut his hair

  7. Cowboys already won the division

  8. This team would be SB Contenders if we had the coaches bc we clearly have the talent. Not being able to execute in the red zone is what will get us destroyed against teams like the saints, rams, and kc……and also cause us to lose games we’re fully capable of winning

  9. Dem Boyzzzz #Playoffs bound

  10. Cowboys need to play Lee, Smith and Vander Esch at the same time….. Teams would have trouble passing over the middle or running the ball through the field…

  11. Byron Jones still had energy to run to the locker room. Dude is a freak athlete.

  12. Zeke has social anxiety

  13. Somewhere Jason Garrett is clapping.

  14. Jesus is that cowboys stadium or Falcons stadium lol

  15. Great fucking win !

  16. Close game good win

  17. Zeke is a quiet assassin. Loved him since OHIO ST.. The more you feed him the better the results.

  18. #patnation…nuff said. America's team ?? Lol. No hate but damn did they win the Superbowl ?

  19. ZEKE!!!LVE!!!

  20. I'm liking how Dak showed better poise and made better throws.. Amari is truly a blessing. And Linehan is calling some better plays. Needs to stay getting fired to keep it that way. That boy Xavier playing on the O-line in place of Connor Williams is the immediate answer. Hope he stays on the starting lineup from here on out. Defensive line played okay but because of the depth issue due to injuries they were gassed by the middle of the 3rd quarter. But when that line gets to rotate and gives guys breathers, you see the difference..all I'm saying is LVE is the truth and heading into a very long tenure with his team which is pretty damn good if ya ask me… And Jaylon right beside him for what looks like a good long Career as well. If the Boys take care of Washington this Thursday, then they set themselves up for a division crown and a postseason berth. IF THEY PLAY THE REST OF THE SEASON THE WAY THEY PLAYED THESE LAST 2 WEEKS THEN 9-7 LOOKS LIKE THE OUTCOME. DC4L

  21. Thing what is so great about Dak. He could give a fuck what his stats is . All get cares is a win . Dak has a real heart just needs to approve on his accuracy more .

  22. God damn we need a new kicker

  23. With Sean Lee out the rookie has filled in greatly! Great job boys and let's get the win on Thanksgiving!

  24. DAK is still trash, only 200 yards, zero touchdowns, almost had interceptions not a Franchise QB!

  25. Dak just did the X for Dez

  26. Wow dak 200 yards, yippie

  27. Good win boys…now let’s do it again turkey day…GO COWBOYS!!!

  28. Zeke was a beast glad we came back defense was so good How bout them Cowboys

  29. Sounded like a home game lol

  30. Deadskinz beware

  31. Great win boys!!! Keep it up!!! #DC4L #ZekeIsABEAST

  32. Get this win thanksgiving then back in first place

  33. Back to back road win… And just like that almost 1st place

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