We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Gun | Warframe

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Gun | Warframe

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  1. Relive those band camp days forever

  2. I was expecting a Xenoblade X: Black Tar reference….


  3. tubas aren't ugly so your roast doesn't work.

  4. wait .. you can name your K-Drive?
    f***ing how? Never got the option to do so when assembling.

  5. WTS Corvas set 200p pmo

  6. Puns? Who are you? I feel like we don't know you anymore.

  7. ay asslady what music do you use in your videos it sounds so good

  8. Well time to cosplay my warframes into the tuba man

  9. I saw a mafia city add and I thought it was a meme

  10. I still love my velocitus

  11. Hmm it reminds me of the canon from SU they used on the big eye thing

  12. Hay the tuba is a lovely instrument

  13. A friend sent me a Mag, Shy. I understand your pain, and I'm sorry you must endure it.

  14. I'd have more to say but I've yet to be convinced to even try unlocking heavy weapons on foot. Orbs are useless and ranking up syndicates is needlessly slow when I can't always play.

  15. Sometimes you just need a little more gun.

  16. Dual Decurion overwatch reaper edgy gigantic pistols of it'snotaphasemom are actually very good

  17. Guys….I think we're doomed.
    Shy has evolved to use PUNS.

  18. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  19. I actually think that joke at the end is funny because I've played an instrument

  20. “That’s a penis.”

  21. A anti spaceship shotgun
    I think I fold what I needed to deal with the hero shield princess

  22. i prefer Grattler

  23. OK Shy, I couldn't get it. This specific video should be liked or disliked?

  24. boo

  25. I had a great talk with my mom about someone mentioning condom(s).

  26. Oh yeah yeah

  27. what music, was good

  28. Your puns are bad and you should feel bad

  29. If you keep making shitty puns I'm not going to be able to force myself to stay subbed.

  30. And if that don’t work USE MORE GUN

  31. Guess I know what my second gravimag is going on.

  32. Why did the ugliest archwing gun have to turn out to be the best one? God, I hate power creep…

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