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  1. What do you think would be a great reward for completion?

  2. Let's spam de forum suggestion page with this

  3. Can I add my 2 cents? How bout when you go look for the beacons in the bases if spotted you automatically get 4 stars, this Insetevises stealth, and to make it more functional you should have go search for the beacons inside the base instead of being told there exact locations (like when searching for caches on plains bounties) but in bases. As a side object, you can also search for information on the type of ship in orbit to give you a strategic advantage.

  4. Special weapons and a warfame and an archwing

  5. Clickbait title

  6. Railjack Crew using the guns, fixing the ship, …
    Infiltration Group defending the railjack until the team gets to the nef's capital ship, then they do their part (either this or they help the railjack's crew inside the ship, though i don't see much use for more than 5 players inside other than denying enemy entrance)

  7. I wish orb vallis could have a smaller version of a gas city that could be accessed by defeating some of the orb spiders
    Also I hope de releases an Eric open world because we have never touched ground on Eros before

  8. Very cool concept, I hope DE will take this video seriously and start thinking about bringing trials back

  9. DE Please add Raids back!

  10. Your idea is to much fun its to ingenious its to good de will never do this

  11. Just needs a final giant boss

  12. Sounds good. Just please, no jar jar binks ship. Or at least let us design the Railjack

  13. Let's dap on this

  14. Not one for working with teams especially if it requires 8 people. The one good thing about tridolons is that I can complete them solo without asking for teams.

  15. Oh yeah Orb Vallis got 3 big momma spider The Icy One Near Nef Anyo Statue , the Orange one on the Enrichment Lab and that weird black one in the lake.

  16. Someone pointed out that the coolent tower has legs like the orb mother imagine the tower malfunctions is going to destroy orb vallis fortuna included warframe s can’t defeat it because it has 700billiom hp so you go to bases guarded by the rob mothers once you defeat them u gain access keys defeating one gets ur 25% then goes on all the players activate a terminal activating the orbital grid to target the coolent tower once the barrage is complete players get on archwing find panels that lead into the coolant to shut it down but it has 3 corrupted orb mothers within it defeat them deactivate the tower (Something like the 10tails crawling to destroy the leafs village since the towers huge it’s slow to show its power ) this could be like episode 1 of a two way raid system once railjack comes out your idea is episode 1 root two like a series of events that play out like stories

  17. Great Idea i have watched DE whants to implement ARCHWING weapons in the game so that shows us we can use '' Biggest Guns'' in the game for bigger things like killing the big spiders and Aidalons for ' 'Solo' ' runs(farming).
    Great idea it is also moving the flying boring intro' s into the planets and going whith the Railjack destrying every new facility created from the enemy. fighting fomorians, and kuva.
    It will be more faster just imagine shoting them whith the ARCHWING weapons. Also Can't wait for the DE to add new ARCHWING weapons, and buffs and More. #Ninjasplayfree #whithgreatimagination

  18. i reallly hooope this will be a real thing in WF

  19. Sounds good…. we just need raids period and not just one.

  20. Interesting….

  21. I really want raids back in warframe.

  22. 1st

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