Whales of Cash — SURPRISE MEGA BIG WIN — Slot Machine Bonus

Whales of Cash — SURPRISE MEGA BIG WIN — Slot Machine Bonus

[ad_1] I’m VegasLowRoller and these are my slot machine bonus win videos from casinos across Las Vegas. I may not be a High Roller, but you will find plenty of Big Wins, sometimes a Huge or MEGA BIG Win, and yes, even the occasional Progressive or Hand Pay Jackpot here.

Video taken at the North Cannery Casino here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  1. This game looks so cute.

  2. you shake too much on your videos but you have a kind voice

  3. friday  a week ago  i hit all  5  money  bags back to back   it  was 800.00  but I  never hit  all  5   back to  back b4  it was   amazing

  4. I just got the 5 money bags last night on 1.25 a spin it paid $250.00 right off the bat , ended up with $365 on the bonus , went back an housr later to same machine planning on max betting and some lady was on it , she hit the 5 bags betting 25 cents… i was so sad… lol… played $200 on it after she got off and didnt do anything

  5. I played this last night after having bad luck on the buffalo machines put my last 10 dollars in and was betting .50 spin and hit a $200 line hit I was so excited haha was my first time ever playing this game. I was confused too lol

  6. I'd love to hit the casino with this guy. He makes it more exciting. Come meet me at stations lol

  7. Awesome win..also: awesome Brent for the math below…

  8. You had 16x on 5 9s

  9. now tell us how much money you have given to casinos so far, because you show only winning time but I'm sure that you lose more than win. well that's my experience because I'm gambler and I lost more than $ 200 000.00 dollars so far. : (


  11. hen you hit your second bonus with the four  you 4x

  12. You are a joy to listen to.

  13. You do know the "tip" comments on the three videos yesterday as all jokes, don't you? You didn't reply and I was afraid you might have misunderstood and thought I was making a serious comment. Keep on doing what you're doing. J

  14. Well, you're for-sure not getting a tip now! That's two great wins in a row I've just watched. And to think they both happened in Vegas! Just think what you could win if you'd play in NA California casinos!  :))

  15. You are so entertaining! 🙂

  16. me  gusto

  17. Congrats VLR, What a nice surprise win! Enjoyed this one and will try it when I visit my local soon! 🙂

  18. Don't get greedy hon that retrigger wasn't bad you did great I guess the more bonus symbols you get the more it pays congrats.

  19. 104 bucks from the 9's and the bonus pays more! XD!

  20. Love this game! Love your videos too! Keep em coming 🙂

  21. VLR, you do make us laugh over here at UrComped! Great video once again and yet another wonderful hit! You will be pleased to know that you made it into the Top 5 Slot Videos of the Week again; only this week yourself and your Whales of Cash got to No.1! Congrats on making it to the top spot buddy! Check out your video here: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/urcomped

  22. Great hitt..oldie but goodies..keep it up VLR

  23. Really nice win on that.  Congrats!

  24. Goodness gracious that was nice! One more money bag at the end would have been a hand pay maybe?

  25. WOW!!! Dream result!!! Ya, when you said what you got and knowing your $1.25 bet, I knew you were off by 4X, but isn't it WONDERFUL TO BE WRONG SOMETIMES?!!! LOL!!! Great post. And lucky win… re-triggering with 4 trigger in the bonus is a DREAM RESULT!!! Note: Your commentary while you're playing is what makes you such a great among YT Slot Video Makers. Do you ever get any strange looks from others because of all that commentary during your videoing?
    A Big Long Time Fan,
    Wolfy 🙂

  26. Holy COW!! Very Nice!! Thanks Brent for Clearing this up LOL !!! You got the math DOWN!! ha!

  27. Mary, lemme help ya out:  Your WIN on that one spin was 41400 credits.  1) The 9's were five-of-a-kind, and they were multiplied by 16, so that's 10400 (650 x 16).  So you're left with 31000.  2) The jacks were only four-of-a-kind, but there were 2 of them (notice the 4th reel), one multiplied by 16, the other just by 4….so that's 1000 total.  So you're left with 30000.  The MONEY BAGS are the highest paying (more than the starfish), because they are multiplied not by your bet multiplier, but by your actual CREDITS.  4 MONEYBAGS pays 15.  You're betting $1.25, so 15 x 1.25 = 1875.  And then 1875 x 16 = the remaining 30000.  TA-DA!!!!!!!  I expect my commission in the mail…..

  28. A whale of a win VLR!  Love those multipliers!

  29. Loving your vids, all the way from South Africa! Want to start my own channel soon too. #avidGambler

  30. Great win VLR  , I have won big on whales ,but betting 2,50 or 5,00$

  31. awesome win +VegasLowRoller 🙂

  32. I had a whale of a time watching this video and the surprise in your voice on the size of the win- priceless. You sir are still the KING OF ENTERTAINMENT

  33. Wow, congrats babe and I think most answered your question as to what you missed. The moneybag bonus symbol x4 and x4 again. Great bonus, keep wiining and sharing.

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