What happens to Yassuo's Eyebrows? | Tyler1 playing with a scripter | LoL Daily Moments Ep #386

What happens to Yassuo's Eyebrows? | Tyler1 playing with a scripter | LoL Daily Moments Ep #386

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  1. I miss imaqtpie

  2. when I look at your outro im like which one of these animals will get 10k from the other one..?

  3. lmao predict

  4. Yassuo's eyebrows are scripting

  5. 5:51 RTO say "awesome.." instead of "LET'S GO!!!" D: Something is wrong.

  6. 8:54 ONE MAN SPAM DansGame

  7. I do the same thing tho.

  8. The caterpillars on his forehead just needed to stretch that's all.

    Give aatrox his second e back.

  9. 2:55 nunu snowball bug 3:00 hashinshin checking out the snowball

  10. unglaublich was boxbox fuer ein unsympathishes stueck kot ist

  11. this video it was like i was watching a yassuo video

  12. Some guys have been asking 'bout the song:Crest by Codeko it is fellas!

  13. I-a taiat prasceana.

  14. As soon as you play that random song in clips i stop watching, i really like your videos but i prefer watching the clips without cringy music.

  15. What's the name of the song on 8:20? When gripex is playing his lee

  16. 5:54 I'm surprised that this guy didn't scream like a degenerate this time

  17. that's the reason why moe plays that good 😀

  18. i have tourettes and it started from doing the same thing with my eyebrows. Yassuo tourettes confirmed ?


  20. I love you

  21. shouldnt it say "Yassuo's Eyebrow" in the title i only see 1

  22. Now I can't stop watching his everybrowns

  23. Creepy XD

  24. Eyebrows vs his big nose

  25. Song at 8:25? Anyone knows?

  26. Every video you make is an autism awareness video actually.

  27. That eyebrows movements remind me of my Ex

  28. Breaking News T2g not toxic again :v 5:12

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