Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine Bonuses-BIG WIN!

Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine Bonuses-BIG WIN!

[ad_1] $5 Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine Bonuses-3 bonuses with the last one a BIG WIN. Two bonuses at Mandalay Bay and one at Palazzo!
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  1. Imagine the noise level if your entourage would have been with you.

  2. Great wins Diana… makes me want to step up to the big leagues!

  3. Great wins!!!  I have a question, the $5 wheel seems like they have not many high numbers, about the same as the WOF $1 machine.  Does the $5 machine hit the bonus more?  Just seems like the bonus would have higher numbers on the wheel. 

  4. What an awesome ending!!! Especially considering you were down to your last $50 there. So exciting!

  5. Congrats on the nice win and excellent video 🙂

  6. Congrats Diana on your big win 🙂

  7. wow, congrats on these wins, very nice 🙂

  8. Well played Diana good to see you winning, I live in the UK hoping to get out to Vegas one day!

  9. Hi pinoypapapizza. Sorry but for some reason youtube wouldn't let me reply directly to your question so hope you see this reply. I think most of the Vegas strip casinos have their payout percentages about the same though in my personal experience I believe the group of Harrahs/Caesar's casinos are set at the lower legal percentages. I suspect that Cosmopolitan currently might be a bit higher then most strip hotels though that might change once the new owners take over, however there are just trips where regardless of which slot we gamble on or what casino, one just can't win. I would play wherever they have the slot selection you like the most and where you feel more comfortable. Good luck on your next visit!

  10. Wooot congrats Diana!

  11. Cool!  Nice progression on the bonus wins.  Congrats!

  12. Congrats on that final spin! Very nice to see 🙂

  13. yay no need to be greedy cause like you like it under a hand pay babyyyyyy yesssss

  14. CONGRATS Birthday girl !!! LOL…..I was getting ready to say "Get that yellow"..then I realized it was the wrong WOF LOL!!!

  15. Those were some great hits! Way to replenish the bankroll!

  16. Very nice, Diana!
    Enjoy Vegas this week!  Good luck on getting some more big wins!

  17. WHAT!!!!

  18. Nice wins; hope bigger one is on the horizon, good luck !

  19. Great win Diana, you ask and you shall receve!

  20. Well Done Diana have a great day 🙂

  21. Nice hit D! If I play WOF I prefer the $1 deno, 5 line ($5 per spin) with a 2k top prize on the wheel. It just makes better sense to me : )

  22. Wow! Great video and wins Diana! I find it interesting the too prize on the $5 version is close to the top prize on the $1 version. They must make the spins more frequent on the $5 version or the prizes are distributed differently. Regardless, congrats!!!

  23. nice win at the end there well me and my wife had some luck tonight we hit 2 jackpots i hit win that got me $4000 and my wife got one that was $7000 not a bad night at all

  24. Great wins D!

  25. Great win Diana! Which casino in Vegas would you say has the loosest slots? Palazzo?, Mandalay Bay?, Aria? Ceasar's? Venetian? Just wondering, since you go quite often than most of us. Thanks in advance. 

  26. Wow. Easiest 1k ever.congrats!

  27. very nice well done

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