Wheel of Fortune Slots Big Win 2018! (gambling vlog)

Wheel of Fortune Slots Big Win 2018! (gambling vlog)

[ad_1] Wheel of fortune slots big win for me! I also play video poker deuces wild, and watch a lady win a jackpot as it happens! Slots 2018 baby! Also the shout out spins failed, but on the main spin when we did it all together… magic!


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  1. really enjoying your videos, good luck!

  2. Brand new subscriber! This is the 1st YouTube channel I have ever subscribed too. Love the videos and your degen-ness! Haha.

  3. I've been to Empire City many times, I have only won $200 tops, once

  4. Haha 4:23! If you let a 12 year old Iraqi design a slot machine about what Americans look like, this would be it!

  5. Dude it always lands on 40$ . good job lol

  6. I've had problems with security and then I went and bought Video Sunglasses and just wear them. Great audio and video. My pair cost around $50.00 and the quality is thru the roof. Just check them out

  7. You are so funny, I am an AC poker player, great to see you smash slots lol

  8. LMAO about to watch all your videos. The ending had me rollin

  9. Nice hit player

  10. You are hilarious!!!!

  11. You In NY?

  12. insertion error…wrong hole MR…..can you find your way out of that hole lol

  13. Your videos are funny. Keep up with it, you'll have a hundred thousand subscribers before no time..

  14. Funny video bro

  15. Crazy funny. Thanks for the laughs.

  16. Dude iam down like 5,000 on the machines this week…Need some vids to flip the luck I already burned all my shoes and got new ones thinking that would work.Kinda like hitting reset

  17. well thats 10 min of i life i wont get back… how can you call a 2-3x deposit a big win?

  18. Hilarious..

  19. Bro funny AF

  20. let me get a shoutout!

  21. I meant to say Melania not ivanka i am an idiot lol didnt catch it any time editing just now two days later

  22. Stupid and smart guy. Hit and run the casino lol. It's the only way to win in the casino and it's not illegal. Take the money and run man. Thanks for sharing, thumbs up.

  23. Enjoyable vlog, you gotta be careful with recording…my local is a non-camera friendly casino so I'm always trying to sneak around lol. There are lots of people who love to bust someone who is recording because they can't mind their own business. lol I just subbed, I'll have to check out your other vids!

  24. Loved the vid, do you play black jack?

  25. Seriously funny stuff man !!! We gotta get you out there in YouTube land and get people seeing your vids

  26. The casino movie scene was hilarious!!

  27. From a southern girl..you are a hot mess..*that's a compliment

  28. Let me get a shout out sometime!!

    Great Video ya fuckin' degenerate!
    Wish I could get to AC this weekend. Good LUCK!

  30. Thanks for the shout out bro sux my spin couldn't bring you any luck but that WOF win just got you your buy-in to event #4 of the Spring Poker Open. As far as video recording goes the casinos are so stuck in like the 80's and 90's its ridiculous.

  31. NOT much of a casino. LOL
    Good Video

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