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42 комментария

  1. Max bet is $ 5.00 not 2.50 $

  2. That $850 plus win is almost a monthly paycheck for me! (I make roughly $1,000 a month):D Congrats! 😀 On just 2.50! 😀

  3. Awesome

  4. Nice

  5. Lol on a 1c machine hahahahah

  6. Como yo puedo intalar el juego de mr.woo

  7. 사랑의전쟁

  8. getting the Letters in the free game is where the money is

  9. Nice ! $$$$$$$

  10. Hee Haw

  11. some retriggers are so hard to get

  12. love it!!

  13. How to you play and win

  14. Was this a one cent machine or something else?

  15. Wow! That's was a pretty awesome bonus! Thanks for sharing.

  16. nice 3 symbols!

  17. Aa

  18. Awesome!

  19. l like to play mi own games l don't like being played for someone in a video

  20. yeeeee haw!!!

  21. Most of this videos are of a computer not real casino

  22. That's definitely not max bet!

  23. NICE WIN

  24. Siempre es lo mismo solo en este medio se ve ganadores pero en la vida real es mera mentira y es una falsa que uno gane perdí toda mi plata x desear plata fácil…..

  25. I mostly pick Findo or Winnie Fortune

  26. all these guys videos are off a computer. not real casino

  27. Love this game, anytime im down i head over and get back up.

  28. why does everyone pick findo

  29. Congratulations am not that lucky 😉

  30. Wow, getting a Q as a wild symbol is the way to go!

  31. Very cool win, never played this one before but I will

  32. the best game ever love it

  33. How much did you win?

  34. Wow I've played Where's the Gold before, but I never got 3 wilds on the bonus before. Congrats!

  35. wow awesome im going to play the $1 version of this on the 6th February its $25 a spin min bet lol

  36. Good hit! Crystal-clear video..thanks for sharing and I'm rooting for u to win big in the future!!

  37. I want to go gambling with all the slot stars here :/

  38. Awesome bonus!! congrats!

  39. i watched my uncle play this and won a 1600 dollar pot. very exciting when you hit 3 wilds. 

  40. Love all the games.

  41. Excellent win.  Thanks for the video.  Think it's the best one of Where's the Gold on YT.

  42. Awesome video !!  Great great bonus. Never seen a re-trigger on this game. Thanks for posting. I prefer this old classic to the new There's the Gold.

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