[ad_1] AWESOME SESSION on the White Tiger slot machine by Aristocrat!

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White Tiger is one of my favorite Aristocrat slots with a novel Jackpot Feature along with a Free Games Bonus. The primary game utilizes the «Jackpot Reel Power» feature, which means in order to win you need scattered symbols on reels from left to right: either 2 or 3 depending on the particular symbol. The special crown «Jackpot Reel» symbol only appears in reel 3 and if it lands and you score a 5-reel hit, you enter Jackpot Mode!

Upon trigger of this feature, you then choose one of three different colored crowns and are awarded either 2x, 3x, 5x, 8x, 10x or a Golden Crown which then awards you either the Grand, Major, or Minor progressive — or a Bonus Prize!

The Free Games Bonus is triggered by landing 3 or more bonus symbols left to right for 10 free games. During the bonus, the special Golden Crown symbol will land in the center reel more frequently giving you a greater chance to trigger the Jackpot Feature. What a run I had on this one, Enjoy!

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  1. That’s was good

  2. Very good winnings there

  3. I've never played this slot, but if I come across it I most gladly will. I want to see you land on the 10X with the White Tigers! Best of luck to you and good luck!


  5. So fun to sit at a slot and to play, play and not win every spin but getting the full experience of the game! You did all the time! Congrats on a great run!

  6. pick the damn top crown already, Every one has been the best one but he keeps picking the bottom one. Drives me nuts

  7. Now you should change your quote to trigger the bonus from "Do it!" to "It's no good!"

  8. Kick ass win good job Jack.

  9. Wow! Looks like you picked the right machine. Awesome win!

  10. Do you go to the casino every day?

  11. That was fun — and the wins just kept coming. Great game.

  12. That's awesome win! Congrats

  13. Congrats on the awesome win. I played this machine a few months ago and did pretty good on it. I wish they had it at my local casino but I don't think they do )=

  14. Wow… from 100 to 1200… That s how you do it. Love your videos. You give us all hope lol. Congrats mr. BP

  15. Nice bonuses! You picked a good White Tiger machine, congrats! Were you at Thistledown Jack? Maybe you will get the progressive next time!! Jim

  16. Awesome run! Assume you never got the progressive?

  17. It's really strange that the WHITE TIGERS pay less than ACES !!!

  18. Always fun to watch

  19. you pick the right machine my friend.and that's the way to do it stay thirsty my friend

  20. Simply awesome session…if only all machines would play a session like this…congrats! Still waiting for that AZ trip so we can play together!

  21. awesome win 🙂 cannot believe u stuck with it. Thanks 4 sharing 🙂

  22. One of my favorite games to play. I usually get the crown when I’m betting the lower amount.

  23. When a machine is hot, Its hot. Very exciting to watch this one. Congrats.

  24. Play slots without picking icons ….your a lousy picker! !

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