Whiteboard: «Pars Fortuna» Your Fortune Point & Nakshatras by Bharat Ram

Whiteboard: «Pars Fortuna»  Your Fortune Point & Nakshatras by Bharat Ram

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Our guest Bharat Ram is Corporate Executive and is interested in studying techniques related to Nimitta (use of Omens) and Book Cutting (a form of horary technique) and is currently fascinated by Nakshatra based Astrology.

In this video, Bharat Ram explains the use of «Pars Fortuna» which is a mathematical point of destiny in our chart and how to combine this theme with Nakshatras.

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  1. Bhigu bindu, fortune point there are so many points?It is always better to promote one system or running around confused.

  2. Great method

  3. Go to 17:00 to get to the point and calculate your Fortune Point. You are welcome.

  4. Super,thanks Dr.Pai ji and Bharat ji for this amazing knowledge.

  5. Will a SUB lord significations of Fortuna Point has any significance on Area of Fortune

  6. i got scorpio 29 deg 18 min , no planets, whats the star related to it? how to know?

  7. Arjun sir could you please tell where should I find Transit Lagna on daily basis and how?
    Thank you!

  8. Speechless.. Pai you're the Genius.

  9. wowwwwww…..!!!!! RESPECT!!!!! SUBSCRIBED!!!!

  10. Dr. Pai, a wonderful info provided by Bharat Sir. Great!!!. Thanks for bringing him to your channel. I have a question regarding the transit of a planet in the fortune nakshatra. Is there any chance that the good things might happen just before the transit happens like one or two months before rather than during or after the transit? Will it happen before the transit or during the transit or after the transit?

  11. In acsendent two planets sitting , how to calculate the Fortuna

  12. Funny note about the video for Dr Pai, I have Pars Fortuna Uttara Ashada currently receiving this stellium of transits Rahu is Purva Ashada and trying to listen to this very important info but can't get past the pounding in the background audio just my luck? Very interesting discussion ThAnk you looks like 2020 will be important. Also there has been another time Jan 1994 (?) same place stellium actually was given a name I think it was called ' The Harminuc Conjunction' Pars Fortuna activated did have a memorable event at that time Thank you!

  13. In an electional chart, as a last option scenario, Part of Fortune can also be used to make a void of course moon give good (if not muted) results — as long as it the VOC moon's last aspect is an applying trine or conjunction to the Part of Fortune — even a sextile will give some small positive outcome. In my practice, I've found that, overall, it's preferable to do one's best to make the final applying aspect of the moon to the POF. It also helps to see if the aspects of the electional chart are in good stead with the other Arabic Part — the Part of Spirit = Ascendant + Sun — Moon…then the action taken will be a material manifestation of something that furthers the spiritual journey.

  14. Thank you!

  15. Thank you!

  16. Thank you god bless

  17. In the arabic point dropdown, there is "Cusp 7th house "..mentioned in some lots…..How to interpret this? is this deg of 7th house sign?

  18. Unbelievably great video! Eternally grateful…

  19. Can a person wear the gemstone of the foutuna house and enhance one's luck ?

  20. You deserve a heck of a lot more subscribers, Dr. Pai. In any case, I appreciate your generous sharing of your knowledge through your awesome channel. 🙂

  21. where to get the current planetary position

  22. Dr.Arjun can Mr.Bharat Ram gives personel consultation…..does he have any website…..

  23. At the end, the technique that is mentioned, is it also auspicious to place the transiting lagna conjunct Venus or Jupiter?

  24. Great video , I agree with you take the Natal part of Fortune to the daily transiting hora conjunction to asc , or Transiting Hora trine the Natal Part of fortune putting it in 5th from Transiting Ascendant . Also great tip on the T jupiter and or T venus trining hora of day .

  25. Mr Bharat, i am confused I got my pars fortuna as cancer in ashlesha from another software, but using arabic point i got taurus at 0 degrees 35 mins.

    These are my numbers Lag asc :sagittarius 15deg 11mins , Moon in sagittarius 22deg 54mins and sun in taurus at 8deg 18mins. Can you please calculate the correct way, thank you.

  26. Thank you Dr Pai and Bharat Ram ji for that fascinating video

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