Whizz Bang Jackpots Slot — BIG WIN BONUS!

Whizz Bang Jackpots Slot — BIG WIN BONUS!

[ad_1] The Whizz Bang Jackpots slot machine is a variation on the very popular «Quick Hit» slots!

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But instead of «Quick Hit» symbols, there are «Bang» symbols on the reels, and not in the traditional 1-2-3-2-1 configuration. Additionally, you can trigger the bonus by getting bonus symbols, but even this is slightly different with bonus symbols appearing on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 instead of just 2, 3, and 4. Triggering with four bonus symbols instead of three will award you a second «bomb» to start in the bonus which is also different!

It’s still a «Free Games» bonus, but you «collect bombs» which then turn into scatter wilds during your final game. Let’s just say for this slot video, I did pretty well at my collecting! Finally, at random times, «fire» appears at the bottom of a reel and if a wild lands on the reel, it «explodes» and makes the full reel wild!

What can also be considered a «secret» feature of the game is that at random you may be treated to fireworks to award 5 (possibly more?) «bang» symbols to give you an instant progressive! I really enjoy this feature although I have no clue how frequent it occurs, Enjoy this slot video of Whizz Bang Jackpots!

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  1. It's pretty interesting how other tubers have followed your back up spin principle. I mostly saw that on your channel

  2. Hi, are you recycling videos? You posted the same video 3 months ago?

  3. Bro I throw that “win” on black on roulette comon nowww

  4. Cool game! Thanks for the share.


  6. That was a nice play

  7. 200 for all that?
    That's some bullshit!

  8. that was awesome congrats man. I've never hit for 200 but i bet I'd get excited too. awesome hit tho

  9. Fun!

  10. He sounds like Ray Ramono.

  11. no point u moving your camera up n down just headache no like from me or subscribe

  12. They have this and another version with bullseyes at the IP in Biloxi. If you see it, it is worth a go, fun game. Minimum bet was 30 cents (i think) still did well in the bonus with only 9 balloons.

  13. Awesome!!

  14. Wow! I've never seen this game, very fun!!

  15. What denomination was this machine? Pennies?

  16. is that it thought it was thousands lol my bad

  17. that looks like a potential slot with Wilds . AWSOME win keep up the WINNING streak

  18. why were you getting excited when you were watching the bombs ? where else would they go lol . you had 12

  19. Gosh, I just love your voice! Now you have me saying "nice" when I hit something… lol. I had something similar last week playing a bullseye machine at 1.50. It paid over 500.00!!! NICE!!

  20. Wow awesome win! Congrsts! That's a lot of wilds!

  21. I love it! It wouldn't have surprised me a bit if you'd gotten the fireworks show and instant progressive for your back up spin. This is a good game I think.

  22. Awesome Video

  23. Those are some pretty shitty pay lines!

  24. seems a low win for that much wilds it's still great tho don't like to rain on ur parade

  25. I had 12 wilds too once but unfortunately the first reel was only bars so it ended up to be only around $86. Well done on a gold bar and 7!

  26. very cool ending. never seen this one. congrats

  27. Nice win!!!

  28. Excellent win nice job

  29. that was great!

  30. Nice to see all those bombs!!

  31. I was starting to wonder where the $ was on this one! Great freee games!!

  32. Congrats on the nice win.

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