Why Fortuna was Disappointing | Warframe

Why Fortuna was Disappointing | Warframe

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Artist: Hazy
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  1. Make a new Id and grind more if you want to feel that challenge trill again,all I could say that Warframe give an experience to all player for free + it's fun to explore every thing for free

  2. Simple resolurion: uninstall and play another game! Talk about is so easy, do The job, hardware job, are a complex thing. Textures, mechanics, physics, programing and many thing to do. Go off and vê happy.

  3. Fortuna honestly feels like playing harvest moon. At least the plains of edilon mods were useful, and rewarding, so bounties were necessary. moa's and kit guns are useful, but the fact that constructing them revolves entirely around mining and fishing. makes earning them about as fun as doing your taxes, and doesn't challenge the player even remotely.

  4. You seem like a spoiled rotten person who got most of everything he wanted without ever looking at value of things before.

    With an innate ability to forgo your blessings in favor of asking for more and more and more.

    You seem like a millennial. Which is dangerous. Because most try to come off as smart but truly are revealed to be lacking. Factually in their conversations and demanding more out of everything around them.

    As little as you say this game has it has had tremedous stride that you forgot to mention. That the journey and hard work placed into it makes a great experience.

    Yet you are sitting there only ever talking about your own experience instead of thinking how good this is for all to enjoy.

  5. um, they just added the orb spider(profit-taker) fight today…(one day later from this video post).. but I will agree, the jackal's and mini-orb spider mini-bosses not dropping anything… frustrating. it reminds me of saints row 4s mini bosses just being annoying rather than rewarding.. but Id be more patient guy… they added a ton of stuff today.. and it had been out 2 months now?

  6. I understand your points, but there is good things too. And the fortuna 2 is coming finally.
    For me the ost dissapointed it´s the community, i am tired that the community only see this like black and white. Is good or bad. Fortuna is both. Is more than poe, but maybe not enough.
    We really need something like dilemma of gradivus or something like that, that join the community again, right now it´s annoying this drama, with DE no listen, never will have endgame, or the blind people, it´s all perfect, play other game, quit your mods if you want a challenge.
    One of the reasons because i love warframe is the community, right now i feel that is super toxic.
    Glad to see content creators with good points that want give their opinion without feed the drama.

  7. I agree and disagree

  8. I do agree that they should have tie both open area grinds in some way rather than silos

  9. Id rather them work on more cinematics tbh

  10. "Time tends to be a dangerous thing"
    That's the most powerfull and relevant sentence regarding Warframe I've heard in a Looong time.

  11. Fortuna is a majestic blank canvass.

  12. The second part is even out yet

  13. Blank canvas is how DE Scott stated fortuna was in a q and a with tatical tater, that will fill with event while using the caves as a starting point according to Scott

  14. The syndicates in Cetus and fortuna should not be treated as same as the original 6 syndicate. The syndicate in Cetus and fortuna should not have the same way to progress as the original syndicate
    1. Gain point
    2. Time gate
    3. Rank up
    4. Repeat

    Why would you put the same progress in a new expansion, I will give you an example of a game that does it right
    Path of Exile
    Each expansion provide different experience
    1. Delve, you mine and fight enemies infinitely
    2. Syndicate, you capture syndicate and gain point to raid the hidden syndicate hideout
    3. Atlas, create maps to venture new places and each map has it own tier

    In Warframe
    The expansion is almost identical, while the other has a bit more activities

  15. u just a faggit

  16. Omg, you play sea of thieves!! please do a sea of thieves video i'd love to see one.
    i've been playing it recently and it's really fun, it's what i play instead of warframe sometimes.

  17. "Why Fortuna was Disappointing | Warframe"
    Video uploaded one day before the second part of fortuna releases…

  18. A good looking empty sandbox

  19. Atleast its not MHW. The lunastra update came out in may. The next time we get anything good is next August of 2019. More then a year of waiting. What's funny is yesterday, I told my squad in WF that fortuna isn't all that I hoped it was but they told me you'd release a video explaining how it's the best thing to ever happen to warfame. Thank you for proving my point

  20. I completely agree, Fortuna did not bring almost anything new to the table, it's just Cetus all over again, but lower fps

  21. Fuck I was gonna say first but this thing notifies me 30mins later

  22. I think cetus is ways better bc the landscape isnt so empty… there is no point in explroing the map. In cetus the characters are so much cooler with their story and voice lines (i mean how is: ahhh poor people are oppressed by someone else, but e.g. in star wars you fight the boss straight up in the death star, in fortuna you pointlessly kill corpus that does not help the fortuna st all) and also things like amps, the eidolon, the pretty compact area, the backstory of gara etc. Make PoE so much more enjoyable than Fortuna.

  23. Health on point

  24. I don't want to be that guy but I love fortuna it's better than what I thought it was gonna be. I thought it was gonna be POE all over again

  25. Pre-nerf fortuna was the best fortuna ever. The ramp up , the "challenge on the go" during even the bounties was just amazing. DE nerfed Fortuna and now it's just POE 2.0.

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  27. Oumaygawd howw daare yuu disz Warfframm

  28. Why you stop giveaway glyphs on discord?

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