Why You Should Be Playing Warframe!

Why You Should Be Playing Warframe!

[ad_1] Warframe is in my opinion one of the best games around, and in this video I take a look at why I enjoy it so much. Warframe is a free-to-play PvE combat shooter, set is a massive world with indepth upgrade a mod systems.

The recent update Fortuna adds a second huge open world map to the game creating some great new gameplay.

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  1. Its dope af and super polished and FREE

  2. It's a great game but it's very dangerous, very addictive and can Ruin your life

  3. Does Minecraft beat the crafting stuff of warframe?

  4. O N E O F U S O N O F U S

  5. Petition to merge Warframe with Elite so that we can just travel through the entire galaxy, get down and destroy everything on the planet on my awesomely fashioned warframe. thx!

  6. Warfare seems to be getting a little more attention in recent weeks, I wonder if the players are giving it another shot after recommendations since the release of Anthem. It's not the YouTube algorithm I think, a few channels I watch have made videos since when they haven't covered it before. I didn't realise for a while some of the same people from Epic and Unreal were involved. I like the way Vanquish is next to Warframe in the Steam library currently.

  7. I’ve heard quite a bit about warframe, seems like it might be worth it. I’ll go ahead and give it a try!

  8. If Sega was smart they'd take the best aspects of Warframe for their next Phantasy Star, tbh.

  9. I agree that it took me two attempts to get it. After I did I see the value in it. I still haven't put too many hours in it, but it is one to invest some time in.

  10. Please become a Warframe partner. You are such a great Youtuber and I'd love to have you cover more of the best (and only) space ninja game on the market!

  11. When i played about two years ago the endgame wasnt that great. Too much powercreep and they removed the void keys :(.

  12. Very good video, if I didn't already play, I damn sure would be after seeing this

  13. If anyone needs some help or guidance in warframe, feel free to add me. I'm happy to help out if I can^^ Ingame name is Schigedim

  14. PS4 MR26 here, love love love warframe.

  15. I can tell by the gameplay that you haven't reached the good part yet. God luck on your journey Tenno

  16. Is there an option to disable snow? because i cannot enter vallis without my game crashing

  17. Welcome Tenno

  18. I have over 1500 hours in warframe, if anyone want to ask any questions about the game feel free to ask me.

  19. I love space games, thats why i play Warframe, Elite dangerous, Surviving Mars.
    But the Elite Dangerous problem is the microtransaction for just the colors for ships. that just pisses me off…

  20. If you like grinding then this games is great !

    Because that's the only content your going to get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!××××

  21. Only advice I’ll give is don’t spend money on “everything” it takes away the amazing feeling of accomplishment when you finally get that item you’ve been farming for…

  22. Even tho I adore this game as its consumed almost 6 years of my life, the one glaring problem it has always suffered from is the new player experience. If I had a dollar for the amount of times Ive heard "ok… what do I do now after the tutorial?" I probably could buy a small country, once DE sorts that out I think new players may stick with it longer than they currently do. Otherwise good video Ant its nice to one once in awhile from the new player side of things, since most of us vets are pretty jaded and salty about more than a few things.

  23. Yooo a obsidian ant video on Warframe, whaaat? I love Warframe.

  24. honestly i just want Warframe to have timed exclusive content like Path of Exile does that would be insane for the game imo. thats the main reason why i continue to play Path of Exile over Warframe cuz u get MAJOR new content every 3-4 months meanwhile in Warframe its like once or twice a year.

  25. Lol how much money did DE give you, regardless you should cover warframe more often, your voice is amazing.

  26. Had an eye on this one for over half a decade. You've finally convinced me to take the plunge, thanks OA!

  27. I think you have forget to say, that "real world money currency" is also not that hard to get for free, since that money is also used as trading currency between players, to buy mods or prime parts, and some other stuff! But great video 🙂

  28. Have you cured the cyst or you like it being there.

  29. Warframe veteran here who stumbled across this video who has always wanted to get into Elite Dangerous. Subbed 🙂

  30. This has made me want to play Warframe now..been pondering it for a while but my mind has been set upon watching this

  31. What is happening ? So many new videos about warframe and even from you and Yammiks, two Elite creators

  32. why I shouldn't be playing warframe: ive played 2000 hours and am on a small break XD

  33. amazing voice and amazing Warframe review 🙂

  34. I just wish the animations were better. It takes me out of it everytime I play. I also don’t love the gun play, but maybe I’ll give it another shot

  35. Hopefully the new upcoming tutorial revamp will reel in more people now, it has lore bits in too so I'm actually quite hyped for it.

  36. Is this a sponsored promotion?
    Not that I mind, I have 1000 hours in Warframe. But I'm just curios on why this video happened. If out of Obsidian's reborn interest in the game or my first statement.

  37. Well Obsidian, you've convinced me to give this a shot.

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