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Wicked Winnings 2 Slot Machine — BIG WIN & Bonuses ! WONDER 4 Jackpots Slot Machine Live Play

Wicked Winnings 2 Slot Machine — BIG WIN & Bonuses ! WONDER 4 Jackpots Slot Machine Live Play

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  1. Love to watch your channel, keeping big win soon.

  2. Nice video! I like this game, but I haven't been so lucky on it lately. Thanks for sharing!

  3. joke

  4. I think this is all BS. I feel these videos are done by the casino and the people are paid to do these to attract the people there.

  5. Very nice ravens! Lots of bonuses too, makes for a fun video!

  6. Those ravens look so good NG! Way to go!

  7. great run.

  8. nice group of bonuses, real fun to watch! ravens & cups, oh yes.

  9. Nice back to back bonus!!

  10. Good win NG i look forward to the next video

  11. good video very clear too nice job

  12. Love your videos NG ! Thanks for sharing !

  13. Great run !

  14. One of my FAVORITE slot channel ! Thank you for your daily video,keep it real always

  15. It was a nice RAVENS hit,Congrats NG, hope you will get 5 of that next time!

  16. Great video NG! Congrats

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