Wicked Winnings IV Slot — *SUPER BIG WIN* — NEW! — Slot Machine Bonus

Wicked Winnings IV Slot — *SUPER BIG WIN* — NEW! — Slot Machine Bonus

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Wicked Winnings IV Slot — SUPER BIG WIN — Slot Bonus
My second «live» look of this great game. What ever drawing board Aristocrat went back to after WW3 … it surely worked. This new version is very engaging in my opinion. Now, as for the free spin bonus…some things never change. It is still tough for me…however, the respin feature is working just fine. I was able to gain 3 big wins from this session…which I will share more as time moves on. I hope everyone gets an opportunity to play this game soon. Please remember to thumbs up, subscribe, favorite, share, tweet and comment. Your support is appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy!

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  1. some reasons this slot does not pay enough for $3.00 bet. I have had similar winning but much bigger for $0.60.For example the first one -DINAMITE

  2. great win!!

  3. Great game — fantastic line win.

  4. Its fun watching your videos keep up the good work my fren

  5. Going to try this out at Borgata in March, just got email from them that this game is in. Last trip there in January I hit the Wonder 4 version of WW for $600, twice (ravens). Nice hit CM and thanks for posting as usual…

  6. Great win! I have never played the 4th edition, but I have played the 3rd, and I swear, there would be a row of 5 of these, everyone around me could be winning and I always lose. I have never even had the pleasure of a bonus on this thing. Good job slaying that Devil. LOL.

  7. Jy

  8. She was nice to you !!! Congrats

  9. is it a 54090,00$ or 540,90$ win?

  10. hey mike you should do a live play of pinball multi reel

  11. OH and BTW…. Went to Hard Rock 2 days ago and did absolutly horrible.. That is the tightest casino I have ever been in. Seriously all say the same thing, oh yea, you will win here and there but dont expect huge winnings there. But hey it's a day with husband and dinner.. I like the Isle, going there next time….

  12. Super Nice!!!

  13. Yes I know Mike… WE come home from fla April 1st. I have Hard Rock, Coconut Creak, and the ISLE here by me, but there is nothing like the B… Tom and I are going back to Biloxi in March for week, and then on to New Orleans, for 3 nites, they have a new Harris there anxious to see it. I trully hope AC gets a little love…..AND OH, By the time I get back, you will have wore all the machines out!!! LOL… Stay well….

  14. I am well, thanks Mike. Just stopped recording because I had been warned so much it became too frustrating. I still gamble — too much — and I love watching on YouTube and reading players life. Keep up the fantastic work! Happy New year to you and all of the great people that continue to post videos. I appreciate it.

  15. WOW now that's what u call a nice win!!!!!!! congrats

  16. Win or lost you stay calm and act like a cool dude. No swearing or alcohol rampage. THANK YOU!!!

  17. Nice Hit on the Chalices !! You can never go wrong with Wicked Winnings ..
    Luck Luck Luck to You !!

  18. Man the art on this is so amazing. Can't wait to try it if I ever get to see it! Awesome wins Mike.

  19. Hi mike,
    Played this at the Borg over the holidays. Can't believe they have 20 machine! Anyway I loved the game. First bonus I got resulted in a $600 win on a $1.20 bet. Saw lots of people winning a lot and mostly on .60 bet. Other thing I couldn't believe was how many people thought the game sucked. I think it's outstanding. Thanks for the vid!

  20. Excellent winnings! I can't wait to try this new one and maybe get all 3 wild reels =) Thanks for the early first look!

  21. Really nice early hit on this one!  Congratulations!  Well done!

  22. Awesome.  You're really getting us excited for this one.  Looking forward to it!

  23. nice hit on wicked winnings again keep it up congratulations

  24. Nice one, that was a good Christmas gift……

  25. Merry Christmas Mike and thanks for sharing this great win. It's terrific to see all the wins you have been having!

  26. Happy holidays & best wishes. thanks for all the postings and looking forward to many more 😉

  27. niiice bet ya wish you were betting $3 or $6 then

  28. Good job Michael. Game has good feeling on it. And I'm glad you had some nice sessions. Can't wait to try it myself.
    Happy holidays.

  29. nice win at the end!

  30. Mike happy holidays!!!!! Very Very nice!!! I am like you do not like the bonus it is crap as you said…. I note one thing, its funny when you droped bet to 1.60 you made out much better!! Sometimes we have to play with these right? Very good and cant wait to play this…. Am here in fla for winter I dont think Hard Rock here has this yet… But will see after holidays… Stay well and I miss the B BIGTIME~!!!!

  31. As usual great win! Merry Christmas, you are one lucky guy your vids are great.

  32. Wow great win! I am now on the hunt for that machine I have to play it! Haha =)

  33. Nice hit!

  34. Sweet! Congratulations and hope our local acquires this new version.

  35. awesome win buddy! going to have to play this one a lot!

  36. You're a rock star !!!!! 😉

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