Wild Swarm Slot — SWARM MODE ACTIVE — Max Swarm Attempt — Big Win? Or Major Brains?

Wild Swarm Slot — SWARM MODE ACTIVE — Max Swarm Attempt — Big Win? Or Major Brains?

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My first attempt at getting the Swarm Mode Active on HIGH stakes. Is it a good way to play this slot? Is it just getting lucky in the bonus? Imagine the cost if it takes 2-300 Bee’s to activate?

There’s a lot of talk around Wild Swarm Slot, saying the method is a cheat or system to beat the slot, I think the maths is solid on this slot and that everything has been calculated just fine. I mean, would the casinos still have this slot online otherwise?

Started off on 20p spins to build up the swarm level until max. Will it be a bust or will it be BRAINS to GAINS? 😀

Wild Swarm Slot Advice…
I would tread with caution. Playing Wild Swarm like this can seriously damage your wealth. Always play responsibly and set your limits. Gambling can be very addictive. 18+

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  1. yes "bandit" @backinamo.co.uk he says he is not rich yet he has spent more money than what i could earn in 15yrs. (20k yr)) in around the last 2 yrs, money seems to be no object to him 10k in a week no prob- — his last £40 swarm netted him £20k plus. he does have some good wins but even on a losing month it could be a 5 figure sum. rocknrolla is another who spends spends spend, he won £125k on roulette but is it there now ? who knows. but i admire these people for what they do, we can watch it for free and see those ups and downs.

  2. Woooow Aww chuffed for you. Congrats on a long overdue massive win and you being under the thumb to get the house spick and span for hubby too 😀 Enjoy it 🙂

  3. Very Nice

  4. Nice mate

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